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The need for hip replacement surgery can be found in young and old alike. The Zimmer Durom Hip Replacement System was designed to treat younger individuals who preferred to live a more active lifestyle. Also known as the Zimmer Durom Cup, this particular implant device ran into problems after a number of implant recipients received the surgery. Mississippi Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement attorneys are currently working with those affected. Understanding the history behind the device, the problems it caused, and subsequent attempts by the manufacturer to correct these problems may help you determine whether you, too, should seek legal counsel.

The Zimmer Durom Cup

Mississippi Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement attorneysFirst introduced on the market in 2006, the Zimmer Durom Cup was supposed to offer a more durable design for the more active lifestyle. This entailed a device capable of greater range of motion than its competitors using a larger-sized head-socket connection. The Cup implant, coupled with the Zimmer Metal-on-Metal Tribological Solution (the thigh-bone head) provided a total metal hip replacement device.

As dislocation is always an issue with hip replacement implants, Zimmer manufacturers ensured their trademark design was capable of withstanding the physical demands of younger implant recipients. In effect, the Zimmer hip replacement system replaces the entire ball-and-socket joint with cobalt chromium alloy metal implant materials.

Faulty Instructions

While the design of the Zimmer Hip Replacement System seems sound in theory, the system’s Cup component turned out to be problematic. Less than two years after the Zimmer model entered the market, it became apparent that the device, as well as the surgical instructions for implanting the device, was faulty. It turns out surgeons received inadequate instructions and training on how to insert the implant.

By 2008, Zimmer manufacturers suspended sales of the Zimmer Durom Cup in an effort to revamp the training and instruction protocols so surgeons could perform the operation correctly. Shortly thereafter the manufacturer re-released the device to the market with more comprehensive instructions and training measures in place. In spite of Zimmer’s efforts, by 2011, as many as 5,000 complaints were received by the FDA regarding problems with the implant.

Since the device first went on the market in 2006, an estimated 12,000 people have already received Zimmer hip implants. Because of the intricacies involved with determining who or what is at fault, it’s best to consult with Mississippi Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement attorneys to ensure all details regarding your particular case receive due consideration before filing a lawsuit.

Health Risks

Health risks associated with the Zimmer Durom Cup have to do with its overall design as well as with the metal materials from which it’s made. The device shows a tendency to jar loose due to its poor construction in terms of how well the stem and head portion fit together. When this happens, implant recipients may face hip revision surgery to correct or replace the device.

The metal surfaces of the implant also place recipients at risk of metal poisoning since the two parts (stem and head) rub together whenever the joint is in motion. As a result, metal flakes can enter the surrounding tissues and bone as well as the bloodstream. This condition can cause bone and tissue deterioration and affect other areas of the body as metal materials travel through the blood.

One other problem encountered with the Zimmer Durom Cup involves its weak bonding capacity with surrounding bone materials. Over time, the hip bone is supposed to bond with the device to create a more secure seal. Failure to bond means the device is likely to breakdown and require replacement.

Recent Developments

The deluge of lawsuits filed against Zimmer has prompted the company to set up a fund to compensate recipients for pain and suffering. A fund totaling $69 million is available to pay claims provided they meet specific requirements. Zimmer considers implant recipients who’ve had to undergo revision surgeries the most likely candidates for available funding.

Since the problems surrounding the Zimmer Durom Cup are varied, you can still file a lawsuit against the manufacturer even if you haven’t undergone revision surgery. Mississippi Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement attorneys can review your case and advise you on how best to prepare your lawsuit.

Mississippi Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Attorneys

Hip replacement surgery can affect different people in different ways. Working closely with your doctor will keep you abreast of any issues you’re encountering with a Zimmer Durom Cup implant. Certain symptoms are, however, a definite sign of problems with the device. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include:

  • A loosening of the implant
  • Hip pain within three months after having surgery
  • The need for revision surgery

Attorney Group for Mississippi can connect you with affiliated lawyers experienced with getting clients the compensation they need to cover current and future medical costs. Through filing a claim, you may also be entitled to recover lost wages as well as compensation for pain and suffering in cases where revision surgery is necessary. Contact us today.