Fatigued Semi Drivers and Semi Truck Accidents in Mississippi

semi truck accidents in mississippi

Semi truck accidents in Mississippi are a serious problem and hazard to drivers. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a semi truck, then you should know your rights and how to properly approach a legal case. This will allow you to seek compensation for all of your trouble.

There are strict government regulations that truck drivers need to follow, but these are sometimes overlooked by drivers and trucking companies for a number of reasons. For example, a driver of a semi truck is limited to 14 hours of driving during their time on duty. Each of these duty periods need to have a minimum of a 10 hours break in between them. Drivers are allowed 60 hours on duty in a 7 day period or 70 hours on duty in an 8 day period, but they need to have at least 34 hours off duty between these work periods. These regulations can vary a bit depending on truck size and cargo type. Regardless, you can see that these are reasonable rules to follow. However, they are sometimes ignored, and may contribute to semi truck accidents in Mississippi and all over.A study by the NTSB found that between 30% and 40% of all diesel truck accidents are caused by fatigued operators, which is an alarming statistic. This clearly means that these regulations for driving times and breaks are often not followed. One possible reason for this is that truckers have a desire to stretch out their duty times in order to meet strict deadlines provided by the companies they work for, as well as to make more money by completing more loads. Semi truck accidents in Mississippi can be caused because of this, and it is a possibility that the accident that you were involved could have come as a result of this as well.

When truck drivers are fatigued and have been behind the wheel longer than these government regulations allow, they can become impatient, inattentive and dangerous. Their judgment may be impaired and they can make mistakes as a result, which is incredibly dangerous when such a large vehicle and tens of thousands of pounds of cargo are involved. This is why semi truck accidents in Mississippi are often very serious when they occur.

If you have been considering a legal case against a trucker or trucking company regarding an accident, then it pays to have an attorney at your side. The attorneys affiliated with the Attorney Group for Mississippi can answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you are well aware of all your rights as it proceeds, all at no cost to you. This will give you the highest chance possible of getting the compensation needed to recover from your loss. Contact Attorney Group for Mississippi today for your free consultation.