The Results of a Recent Traumatic Brain Injury Study

traumatic brain injuryA traumatic brain injury study conducted in the United Kingdom has provided important information regarding the treatment of mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries. In the past, a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury was often determined to be insignificant in the long-term, with doctors believing that no lasting damage was done. However, this study indicates that even the mildest of concussions or bangs to the head can have long term repercussions. Here is an overview of the findings from this study, as published in the Neurology journal.

Findings From a Newcastle University Traumatic Brain Injury Study
The traumatic brain injury study involved patients that suffered mild injuries from every day incidents like falling off a motorcycle, low impact car accidents, bike accidents, and slipping in the shower. Statistics show that when a traumatic brain injury is diagnosed, 90% of cases are mild to moderate. The study involved the following:

  • Roughly 45 people with mild to moderate head injuries were compared to 35 healthy individuals.
  • Basic memory, cognitive, and motion tests were conducted six days after they suffered the injury. Follow up exams were completed one year later.
  • Individuals with mild to moderate injuries displayed lower scores in all the tests. Their scores were 25% lower than the healthy people tested.
  • A year later, everyone tested performed equally well on the tests. However, MRI scans still showed some brain damage in the injured individuals.

Mississippi Laws on Traumatic Brain Injury
Along with most states in the U.S., Mississippi has recently enacted laws seeking to provide more support for traumatic brain injuries. All schools in Mississippi are required to implement a strict concussion policy. This ensures that kids do not get up and continue playing after a blow to the head. Mississippi school nurses are provided detailed information about how to diagnose concussions at an early stage. Parents are given concussion policy information, with special instructions if their kids play a riskier sport such as football. These policies were part of House Bill 48, with an effective date of July 1st, 2014.

Concussions in the National Football League
The National Football League was recently sued by former players, with the case relating to traumatic brain injuries. Former players claim they were insufficiently protected from brain injuries, with many team doctors clearing them to play minutes after suffering a blow to the head. Instead of properly assessing players and keeping them on the sidelines, they were rushed back into games, often to suffer further blows to the head.

This lawsuit has been settled for around $750 million, with the NFL keen to rebuild its image over player safety. The NFL commissioner claims that the league will be looking into their current medical procedures. However, football is an inherently dangerous sport. It will be a challenge for teams to find the right balance between trying to win games and taking a player’s long term health into account.

Have You Suffered a Brain Injury?

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