Zoloft Linked to Mississippi Birth Defects?

mississippi birth defects ZoloftSince it was introduced in 1991, sertraline, trade name Zoloft, has become a widely prescribed drug to treat depression as well as panic and anxiety disorders. Reports began to surface in the late 1990s concerning a connection between Zoloft and birth defects. Since that time, Pfizer, which manufacturers Zoloft, has been the target of lawsuits charging Mississippi birth defects because of the drug. Specifically, attorneys cite the drug manufacturer for failing to warn pregnant women of the risks involved with taking Zoloft. In 2006, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine linked the drug to persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) in the newborn. Besides a failure to warn pregnant women of possible harm with the drug, lawsuits cite the manufacturer for negligence, defective design, and fraudulent misrepresentation. It has been stressed that Pfizer had the knowledge, and therefore the responsibility, to give women, by direct warnings or through health care professionals, the possible risks with use of the drug during pregnancy.

Since then, lawyer groups have given warnings against the drug’s use for pregnant women. Lawsuits concerning birth defects cite these possible conditions that may result from taking Zoloft:

  • VSD (ventricular septal defects) and ASD (atrial septal defects)
  • tetralogy of fallot (TOF): a condition that causes low levels of oxygen in the blood, which means a poor blood supply to the lungs and may ultimately mean open heart surgery and often a lifetime of medical care
  • coarctation of the aorta: this major artery from the heart is narrowed, resulting in chest pain and dizziness
  • hypoplastic left heart syndrome: a rare condition that results in underdevelopment of the left side of the heart
  • anencephaly: a fatal defect in which parts of the brain or skull are missing
  • omphalocele: causing intestines to protrude through the navel

Studies on birth defects have also shown that a condition known as cryaniosynostosis, an abnormally shaped head, may result from taking Zoloft. Other reported conditions from the drug that may result in Mississippi birth defects are persistent pulmonary hypertension in a newborn and missing or deformed limbs.

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