Mississippi GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Mississippi GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

GranuFlo is a compound that is manufactured by the German company Fresenius Medical Care. It was used on patients who were undergoing dialysis. It was recalled in early 2012 by the FDA for allegedly having dangerous and sudden side effects. The side effects were reported to be harmful and dangerous, and in many cases, they were deadly. In addition to deadly and dangerous side effects, the use of GranuFlo can lead to dangerously elevated bicarbonate levels in the blood, which can contribute to metabolic alkalosis. If you have been injured or you have lost a loved one due to dangerous side effects, it is important to contact Attorney Group for Mississippi and get connected with affiliated Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys.

GranuFlo Side Effects

  • Sudden Heart Attack (Cardiac Arrest)
  • Stroke
  • Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)
  • Hypoxemia (Low Blood Oxygen)
  • Hypercapnia (Increased Blood Carbon Dioxide)
  • Hypokalemia (Low Blood Potassium)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia (Irregular Heart rate)
  • Metabolic Alkalosis

Side Effects Associated with GranuFlo

The side effects associated with GranuFlo were reported by the FDA as potentially dangerous and even possibly deadly. The most serious side effect is a sudden heart attack. Patients on GranuFlo have also suffered from debilitating strokes. In addition, low blood pressure has also been reported. Patients who suffered from low blood pressure likely also suffered from issues that arise when vital organs don’t get enough blood. If you have lost a loved one due to low blood pressure after taking GranuFlo, you should contact Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys in order to discuss your legal rights when it comes to GranuFlo lawsuits.

One severe adverse effect listed in some GranuFlo lawsuits is hypoxemia. If you’ve ever suffered from hypoxemia, also known as low blood oxygen, you know that a shortness of breath is the characteristic symptom. In addition, prolonged hypoxemia can lead to coughing, headaches, insomnia and fluid retention. It can eventually lead to pulmonary edema, which is fluid in the lungs. Hypercapnia, also known as an increase in blood carbon dioxide, can also occur when hypoxemia happens. Prolonged, severe hypercapnia can lead to respiratory system failure. When left untreated, this can lead to death.

Another adverse effect that has been claimed in some GranuFlo lawsuits is hypokalemia. Hypokalemia, which is low blood potassium, can cause abnormal heartbeats, paralysis of the lungs and other organs, severe and irreparable muscle damage, severe fatigue and constipation.

A cardiac arrhythmia is another adverse effect that has been claimed in some GranuFlo lawsuits. Arrhythmia can occur in two different ways. First, the heart can beat too fast which is known as tachycardia. If the heart beats too slowly, it’s known as bradycardia. If left untreated, arrhythmias can lead to heart failure. If you’ve experienced an irregular heartbeat after being treated with GranuFlo, you should contact your medical provider and Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys.

How Can Mississippi GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys Help

If you’ve been injured after taking GranuFlo and you believe it could be related, you may not know how to continue from this point, or what your options or next step should be. Or if you have a loved one that died after undergoing dialysis and GranuFlo was used, you may not realize the full extent of compensation that could be available to you based on your situation. Whatever the case may be, you should contact Attorney Group for Mississippi. We can help answer questions you may have about your legal rights, and connect you with Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys, all at no upfront cost to you.

Attorney Group for Mississippi can help you understand your legal options after being injured so that you no longer have to wonder what steps to take. They can listen to your situation and help answer your questions. Additionally, if you wish to pursue a claim, Attorney Group for Mississippi can put you in contact with experienced Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys. You just need a trusted advocate in your corner. With the help of an experienced GranuFlo attorney, you can work to recover money to help pay for the damages associated with extensive medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering and in some cases, burial expenses of a loved one. Contact the Mississippi Attorney Group today for your free consultation.