Pradaxa Lawsuits

Mississippi Pradaxa lawsuits

Pradaxa is the marketing name for the drug dabigatran. Dabigatran was intended to be a safer replacement for other anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin. It was directly compared to warfarin during testing. The drug has been FDA cleared for several uses, including preventing blood clots due to atrial fibrillation. It was also approved in Canada to prevent blood clots after major leg or knee surgeries. However, Pradaxa has been linked to serious and fatal reactions in patients. Based on Pradaxa’s alleged tendency to inhibit the ability of blood to clot, some patients have suffered catastrophic hemorrhaging and death. This has led to many Mississippi Pradaxa Lawsuits.

Pradaxa’s Testing History

Pradaxa was approved by the FDA based on a 2009 study called RE-LY. This study was a large and comprehensive study, but it was alleged to have several flaws. One concern is whether the study was independent. It is alleged to have been largely funded by the drug’s own manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, with several of the lead researchers overseeing the study being reimbursed or already on that company’s payroll.

Several groups, including the Therapeutics Initiative at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, declared that the results and testing were flawed in several ways. They declared that the negative effects of the drug were underreported in the study’s findings. The stated findings declared a less than 3 percent chance of severe negative side-effects. This would make the drug far superior to warfarin. Other studies conducted in Europe, however, showed that the dabigatran showed only marginal difference, and it was not enough to declare it a superior form of treatment. When these groups demanded greater details about the study’s results, they were never responded to. This history has contributed to an increase in Mississippi Pradaxa Lawsuits.

Pradaxa’s Possible Side-Effects

All drugs have side-effects ranging from minor to fatal, and Pradaxa is no exception. Minor side-effects are those that may be uncomfortable but do not carry serious risk of injury. Minor side-effects include rash, nausea, muscle or joint pain, dry mouth and fatigue.

Pradaxa also has serious and potentiallyfatal side-effects. These usually indicate that the drug is causing internal or external bleeding that can prove fatal if not controlled. Major side-effects include vomiting blood or bits of tissue that look like coffee grounds, bloody or black stool, painful or bloody urination, bleeding from the nose or gums and intense pain in the abdomen. Pradaxa has been alleged to cause spontaneous internal bleeding, especially in the stomach and intestines. If you suffer such major side-effects, it is important to contact a physician immediately. If your major side-effects caused other injuries or required additional treatment, then you may be entitled to compensation, and it is important to contact a Mississippi Pradaxa Lawsuits Lawyer immediately.

How to Prepare for a Bad Drug Lawsuit or Personal Injury Claim

As the plaintiff, it is important to have as much evidence as possible when making your claim. Be sure to keep all medical records, prescriptions, and doctor information. The pharmacy is required to give you full disclosure paperwork about Pradaxa and any other drugs you are prescribed. Be sure to keep all of this paperwork. In court, documentation is everything, and your Mississippi Pradaxa Lawsuits lawyer will be able to build a better case for you with each piece of evidence you can provide.

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