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Although the Mirena IUD has been on the market in the United States for over a decade, it was probably the second time that the FDA approved the device that women who had experienced significant problems with it began to take note of the unwanted side effects that using it had caused them.

One of the largest problems that seemed to be occurring was that that after insertion, the uterus or the intestines of some women were being perforated, causing injury. One of the problems with perforation is that it often isn’t immediately recognized. If the bleeding isn’t controlled or the intestine is perforated, peritonitis can occur and it can become a potentially life-threatening situation. Another problem that the FDA found was the potential for ectopic pregnancy, or pregnancy outside the womb.

Of course the IUD can only be inserted by qualified medical professionals, yet in some cases, it didn’t seem to matter.

Mississippi Mirena IUD Attorneys

The first of the Mirena IUD lawsuits was filed in Ohio last year, revealing that the plaintiff had to have a hysteroscopy just to remove the device.

Since that time, Mississippi Mirena IUD Attorneys have filed at least sixteen more cases, alleging that the marketing by Bayer didn’t address the true shortcomings of the safety of the product, as well as accusing the pharmaceutical giant of not preparing medical staff adequately.

Other women complained about pelvic inflammatory disease that was caused by using the Mirena IUD.

The Mirena IUD is a birth-control device that has been shown in the market to block pregnancy from occurring 99% of the time by denying access to sperm attempting to enter the uterus.

It is supposed to be effective for five years, at which point it is to be removed.

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With over two million women using the device in the United States, it is anticipated that more women will come forward soon with their own stories of injury and more Mirena IUD lawsuits will be filed.

Mirena lawsuit attorneys are now available throughout the Southern United States. If you have experienced trauma or injury due to your use of the Mirena IUD, Attorney Group for Mississippi is prepared to listen. Please consider contacting Mississippi Mirena IUD Attorneys. They can help make a difference for you.1)

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