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Mississippi Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys
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Although incidents of automobile accidents and fatalities have been declining across the United States over the past several decades, statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that Mississippi is still not one of the safest states in which to drive. Safety on the state’s roads is affected by a myriad of factors, but recently, it appears that a new potential factor could be at play – faulty tires. Hercules Tire Rubber Co., which sells truck tires, sent a letter in February 2013 informing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it would be recalling a number of its light-duty truck tires based on potential danger to drivers.

According to Hercules, the company elected to recall the Hercules All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E brand tires because the tires may experience tread or belt separations during the course of usage. Hercules explained that the tires, which were designed and manufactured for the company by Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co. Ltd., are more likely to separate after having been in use for between one and two years. Additionally, Herculus said the All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires are more likely to develop problems in warmer climates. Thus, such incidents could conceivably occur in Mississippi, which has an average annual temperature of 65 degrees, with an average temperature of 81 degrees in July.

As a result of the voluntary recall, Hercules will be replacing all All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires free of charge. Unfortunately, the recall was not early enough for all drivers to avoid danger. A Hercules tire separation is alleged to be the cause of an accident for which a lawsuit was filed September 2012. In that case, the accident victim sued Hercules claiming that a tire defect was the cause of the collision. Based on its own investigation, Hercules determined that the tire at issue in the collision was likely one of the Shandong Yongsheng-produced tires that is now the subject of this recall. If you suspect that an accident in which you were involved had a similar cause, you should consult a Mississippi product liability attorney as soon as possible.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the tire separation issue is not a mere harmless technicality. The Administration reports that if the tire separation occurred on one of the affected tires, then a driver might lose control of the truck, which would increase the likelihood of a collision. The Administration also notes that there are two types of separation that can occur: tread and belt separations.

While the tire replacements offered by Hercules can help prevent future accidents for those not yet affected by tire separations, victims of crashes related to the product defect at issue are not without recourse. In Mississippi, as well as other states across the nation, drivers do have the ability to pursue compensation in a court of law for any property damage or physical injury caused by defective and unreasonably dangerous tires. Such lawsuits can help victims recover money spent on medical bills in the aftermath of accidents caused by the faulty products and make up for wages one would have earned if not for missing work to deal with the accident, in addition to pain and suffering and other damages. Because no two cases are the same, Mississippi product liability attorneys can help you understand if your situation is similar to lawsuits already instituted.

It’s important to contact an experienced products liability attorney when considering pursuing legal action over an accident allegedly caused by a malfunctioning Hercules All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tire. Such an attorney can help you better understand the legal process and get to the bottom of whether or not you have a claim and how strong your case appears to be at the outset.

When looking for Mississippi product liability attorneys for your case, it is advisable to look for those with experience dealing with litigation of this kind. Product liability and defective product cases are unique, and it is important to hire a lawyer with the insight of a professional who routinely practices in that field. Attorney Group for Mississippi can help take the confusing and questions out of finding the right attorney. If you have been injured after discovering a defective tire, or even if you simply have questions regarding product liability, contact Attorney Group for Mississippi today for your free consultation.