DWI-DUI Attorneys

When an individual is arrested for driving under the influence in Mississippi they should immediately contact one of Mississippi’s experienced DUI attorneys in order to begin preparing their defense. It is imperative that a well prepared defense is set in motion due to the extreme penalties and fines that can occur under the State of Mississippi’s 10 day rule on any and all DUI/DWI offenses.
According to Mississippi laws on DUI cases anyone that either refuses to take an administered breathalyzer test, submit a blood or urine test or after taking any of these test registers an alcohol blood content of 0.08 or higher; the state immediately attempts to suspend their driver’s license for a period of at least 90 days and up to a full year. Under Mississippi’s 10 day rule the DUI offender has only 10 days to file a motion to dispute the suspension to the Mississippi Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

DUI Attorneys

An arrest for DUI in Mississippi initiates two issues for the defendant’s DUI attorneys to attempt to heavily defend. First defense will be for the DUI offense itself in which the client could face possible jail time, mandatory evaluation for alcohol abuse and the fines, fees and court costs that ensue. While preparing to defend against these issues the DUI attorneys will also be forced to defend and file motions to the Mississippi Dept. of Motor Vehicles in order to protect their client’s driving privileges against the State’s 10 day rule.
If the client has a previous offense for driving under the influence or refusing to submit to breathalyzer, blood and/or urine test the fines, suspensions and possible jail times increase dramatically. The second DUI/DWI offense alone typically requires a minimum 5 days incarceration and up to one year loss of driving privileges. By having experienced Mississippi DUI attorney that are knowledgeable on these laws and have successfully defended against them in the past the chances are dramatically increased that the offenses could be reduced, thrown out or at the very least the penalties greatly reduced.
Anyone charged with a DUI offense in the State of Mississippi and doesn’t want to have the driving privileges suspended for 90 days to a year, spend anytime incarcerated and be forced to pay the extremely high fines as well as the fees incurred due to the mandatory alcohol evaluations should quickly contact one of the experienced Mississippi DWI lawyers to successfully defend their case on their behalf.