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Whistleblowers play an important part in society. They are responsible for reporting fraud, misconduct, and abuse in various public and private industries. While whistleblowers are sometimes rewarded for their efforts, they may also face retaliation on the part of those they accuse. For this reason, federal and state False Claims Acts prohibit defendants from harassing or seeking revenge on whistleblowers and require defendants to compensate whistleblowers if they do.

Whistleblowers in the healthcare industry, defense-contracting sector, or other governmental positions may consider filing a qui tam lawsuit if they have evidence of one or more of the following fraud situations:

  • Someone who has knowingly overcharged the government for goods or services he or she did not actually provide.
  • Someone who has knowingly made false statements to avoid paying a debt to the government.
  • Someone who has knowingly made inaccurate claims so the government would pay an illegitimate bill.
  • Someone who has knowingly falsified search results.
  • Someone who has knowingly manipulated procedures to overcharge the government, such as unbundling billing codes.

The federal False Claims Act was recently amended by Congress to include other laws that would make it easier for whistleblowers to step forward. Congress did so by removing certain legal obstacles that whistleblowers would have previously encountered. The IRS may also reward a whistleblower with 15 to 30 percent of any recovery made if their tax fraud lawsuit is successful.

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