New York DePuy Jaw Implant Lawsuit

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Overview of the CMF Distraction
SystemNew York DePuy Jaw Implant Lawsuit

The CMF jaw implant, manufactured and marketed by DePuy Synthes, was intended to help promote jawbone growth in infants with birth defects and in children and adults who had experienced a traumatic jaw injury. The device is designed to attach to the patient’s jaw and support, stabilize, and promote bone growth over an extended period of time. The screws in the device gradually elongate the implant and help to strengthen the jaw. However, in some cases, the screws allegedly reversed direction, resulting in the loosening of the implant.

Complications Alleged by Patients

While loosening of the implant is not necessarily a life-or-death situation for most older children and adults, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged that the risk of complications is higher for those with an already weak or compromised jaw anatomy. Infants who experience early failure of the device may also be at an increased risk of respiratory arrest if the device obstructs the trachea because they, unlike adults and older children, lack the ability to “breathe around” the obstruction. In some cases, the failure may be fatal.

CMF Distraction System Recall

As a result of the alleged complications, DePuy issued a nationwide recall in April 2014 to remove its product from the market. In its Urgent Notice issued to physicians and hospitals, the company requested that the physicians remove all affected products from their inventories and contact DePuy to learn more about sending the products back. Four months later, after allegedly receiving 15 reports of injuries associated with the implant, the FDA classified the recall as a Class I recall, a classification denoting that the device has the potential to cause serious injury or death.

A DePuy jaw implant lawsuit may be an action worth considering for those who have allegedly suffered from complications due to the CMF Distraction System. Additionally, individuals who lost a child or a loved one due to respiratory distress or other injuries may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer. For more information about your legal options, contact Attorney Group for New York today.

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