New York DWI Lawyer

New York DWI Lawyer

It is important to seek legal representation from a New York DUI lawyer if you have been charged with of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Having an experienced attorney on your side may help to reduce the likelihood of a criminal record that could potentially impact your future, your reputation, your employment prospects or more. Should you face incarceration, a New York DUI lawyer may also be able to help you to avoid paying substantial fines or doing time in jail.

While an individual can be pulled over at any given point in time during the day, police officers are most likely to arrest people for driving under the influence of alcohol after car accidents, during sobriety checkpoints or following traffic violations. While a police officer must have reasonable cause to pull over a drunk driver, not all law enforcement officials follow this rule, and many arrest drunk drivers without just cause. In these cases, it is important to have a New York DUI lawyer who can help show that the police officer wrongfully pulled you over, and you may be able to reduce your sentence or lower the amount of fines that you are required to pay.

In New York, first-time offenders face a jail sentence of one year as well as a six-month suspension of their license and a fine that can fall between $500 and $1,000. For individuals under the age of 21, a DUI is determined with a blood alcohol content level of .02 percent and .08 percent for people over the age of 21. Commercial truck drivers may also be arrested for a DUI if they measure at .04 percent. If drivers refuse to take a chemical test in New York, they may be subject to automatic license suspension and a fine, or what is known as “implied consent law.”

DUI convictions are serious and can have a lasting impact on your future. You may be facing jail time, substantial fines, revocation of your license, higher insurance rates and a more difficult employment outlook. An experienced New York DUI lawyer may not be able to clear your conviction, but you may be able to receive a lesser jail sentence or reduced fines.

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Have you been convicted of a DUI and you would like to learn more about your options? Whether you feel that you were wrongfully pulled over or you were guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, Attorney Group for New York can help you determine if the attending officer acted according to the law when he or she pulled you over and connect you with one of our affiliated New York DUI lawyers who can help you throughout the process.