New York Birth Injury Lawyer

New York Birth Injury Lawyer

Throughout pregnancy and childbirth, a mother and her unborn baby are typically monitored very closely for any signs of complications or distress. If a physician notices that complications may be approaching, he or she has the responsibility to act within the standard of care to reduce or completely eliminate this risk so that both the mother and child are safe.

However, in some cases, a physician may fail to prevent harm from coming to a child. If he or she does not properly diagnose forms of fetal distress such as hypoxia or a lack of oxygen, the baby may suffer from brain or nerve damage, cerebral palsy and is at risk of passing away as a result. A common of birth injuries includes cerebral palsy that occurs when there is a lack of oxygen in the baby’s brain. A baby may exhibit symptoms of the condition such as poor muscle coordination, inhibited body movement and neurological disorders.

Childbirth may be complicated by several factors, including premature babies, a large baby, the size of the mother’s pelvis, or the position of the baby. However, it is up to the physician to act within the standard of care and understand how these factors can affect the childbirth process and make accommodations or adjustments as needed to ensure the safest delivery possible.

You may consider working with a New York birth injury lawyer if you delivered a baby that sustained one or more of the following injuries:

  • Bone fractures
  • Marks from forceps
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Swelling of the baby’s scalp
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  • Bruising
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Facial paralysis

A New York birth injury lawyer can work with parents whose children have suffered from injuries during the labor and/or childbirth process and assist them in determining who should be held responsible for the child’s condition. If your New York birth injury lawyer finds that the physician failed to act within the standard of care to the demands of labor or improperly delivered your baby, you may be eligible to seek damages for your child’s condition that can help to cover his or her accrued medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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If you delivered a child and he or she was hurt during childbirth due to negligence on behalf of the physician, you may be able to seek damages for your child’s condition. Attorney Group for New York provides free case evaluations to help those who believe that they have a case. We can help answer questions and connect you with an affiliated New York birth injury lawyer who can help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.