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Gavel | North Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorney

Lawsuit: Doctor Liable for Over-Prescribing Potentially Lethal Painkillers

A North Carolina medical malpractice attorney notes that a doctor was found liable for prescribing excessive amounts of opioid painkillers to one of his patients, who became addicted […]

Sad Boy | North Carolina Risperdal Lawyer

Lawsuit: Drug Company Downplayed Risperdal Breast Growth Risk

A North Carolina Risperdal lawyer notes that a jury found that Janssen Pharmaceuticals allegedly altered study data and downplayed the risks of breath growth when used among adolescent males. […]

Person Studying Skin | North Carolina Viagra Melanoma Lawyer

Study: Viagra May Facilitate the Spread of Melanoma

A North Carolina Viagra melanoma lawyer notes that a new study suggests that the drug may adversely affect the body’s ability to fight melanoma cells, which may put […]

Mother Holding Baby | North Carolina Birth Defects Lawyer

Lawsuits: Off-label Use of Zofran Led to Serious Birth Defects

A North Carolina birth defects lawyer notes that women who took Zofran during their pregnancies are alleging that their children developed serious birth defects. The complaints also accuse Zofran’s […]

Depressed Teenager | North Carolina Cymbalta Lawyer

Study: Intolerable Side Effects Curb Cymbalta and Effexor Use

A North Carolina Cymbalta lawyer notes that the prescription medications Cymbalta and Effexor are among those most likely to have their usage discontinued by young people due to […]

Doctor Examining A Patient's Skin | North Carolina Viagra Attorney

Lawsuit Claims Viagra Caused Man’s Skin Cancer

A North Carolina Viagra attorney notes a lawsuit filed against Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, claiming that the plaintiff developed melanoma as a result of taking Viagra over […]

Bags of Blood | North Carolina Xarelto Attorney

Report: Validity of Xarelto Study Called Into Question

A North Carolina Xarelto attorney notes that the validity of a clinical trial for the popular blood-thinning medication is drawing scrutiny. Thousands of patients are pursuing claims against […]

Mother and Child | North Carolina Zofran Attorney

Sixty Lawsuits Allege Zofran Caused Serious Birth Defects

Multiple lawsuits claim that mothers who took the anti-nausea drug Zofran for morning sickness while pregnant subsequently had children with birth defects and that the drug maker failed […]