Endo International to Pay $830 Million to Settle Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

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Endo International has agreed to pay $830 million to settle lawsuits filed by approximately 20,000 women who claimed that transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants such as Perigee, Apogee and Elevate, caused them to experience pain during intercourse, bleeding, infection, and organ damage. These products were allegedly sold by American Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Endo International.

Endo officials say that this settlement will resolve the majority of their transvaginal mesh lawsuits. They will pay approximately $40,000 to each plaintiff, depending on the individual circumstances of each case. If medical records prove a patient suffered a more severe injury, or had multiple surgeries to repair damage or remove the mesh, they will be able to request a larger settlement. Endo had previously established a product liability reserve of $520 million. The settlement will cost Endo $625 million in the first quarter, raising the product liability accrual to approximately $1.1 billion, which Endo believes will be spent by the year 2016.

Endo International is only one of many companies, including Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson, facing transvaginal mesh lawsuits. Since 2005, thousands of women have filed lawsuits against these companies, stating that transvaginal mesh erosion or migration caused them extreme pain and severe complications. In light of these recent developments as well as study results, the FDA has announced plans to reclassify transvaginal mesh from Class II (moderate risk) to Class III (high risk), requiring these products to have pre-market approval. They have also ordered that companies like Endo study the post market rate of complications caused by transvaginal mesh. After reviewing the data, the agency released a statement that concluded that complications caused by transvaginal mesh are “not rare”.

About Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh patches were designed to alleviate symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). POP causes organs to sag into the vaginal walls, causing incontinence and a host of other symptoms. Transvaginal mesh mimics the pelvic floor, acting like a sling that holds the organs in place. However, some women have found that their transvaginal mesh has eroded or migrated, which can cause nerve damage, extreme pain, and a host of other side effects. Over the course of the past decade, thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits and those who suffer from complications allegedly caused by transvaginal mesh, have begun to seek compensation for their suffering.

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