Tennessee Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

Blitz Gas Can Lawsuit and How an Attorney May Help

blitz gas can lawsuits tennessee

It sits in garages, outdoor utility sheds, on back porches across the nation, and even in the trunks of automobiles and pickup trucks of millions of Americans. It is also one of the most dangerous products to ever be sold to consumers in quite some time. It is the Blitz plastic gas container, and it has been responsible for the deaths and severe injuries to over 75 individuals so far. These cans are highly combustible, and although the Blitz Company (the largest manufacturer of these containers) were repeatedly warned of the explosive nature of their devices, they chose to ignore warnings and continued allowing consumers, and their families, to be put in dire risk of severe burns and/or death.

The recommendation was made that in order to fix the issue and ensure public safety, a screen had to be placed between the cap and nozzle of the device, in order to prevent the liquid inside from exploding. The company ignored these warnings and suggestions, and for another 3 years, allowed the public to unknowingly put themselves, and their families at risk.
It is because of this that the Blitz gas can explosion lawsuits, handled by attorneys nationwide, are representing victims and their families, in order to secure compensation for severe medical expenses, and almost unbearable pain and suffering that was caused by the negligence, and disregard to public safety, that the Blitz gas can maker has displayed.
If you, or someone you know, has suffered injury as the result of one of these dangerous containers, contact an experienced blitz lawsuit attorney, or gas can explosion lawyers today. The company intentionally ignored public safety, and even their own independent testing, and now should be held responsible. Call one of the qualified Blitz gas can explosion attorneys today to see if you qualify for compensation. A Blitz lawsuit attorney can review your case, and help you ensure that your right to pursue legal action against the maker of the containers, is protected.
It is imperative that companies, such as this, are held responsible for their careless disregard for safety. To do this, you must seek the advice of a Blitz gas can explosion lawsuits attorney to secure your right to compensation.