Fatal Auto Accidents in Tennessee and Your Legal Options

Automobile accidents nationwide cause over 30,000 deaths a year, and there were over 1000 fatal auto accidents in Tennessee alone during 2012. With 47,268 car crashes causing injuries in Tennessee that same year, is it any wonder that it is among the top ten states in the U.S. for medical and work loss costs related to auto accidents? From 2007-2009, over 1.15 billion dollars worth of these costs were racked up in Tennessee. Nationwide, 170 billion dollars worth of medical and work costs have accrued to those injured in accidents. Those are scary numbers. If you would like to see an illustration of this information as well as so much more, click here.

Even scarier are the number of people who have died in fatal auto accidents in Tennessee and around the nation. In 2009, there was one accident for every twenty people in the state. Of these, 986 were fatal auto accidents in Tennessee and that was the lowest annual count of such accidents in the state since 1963 (2011 was another banner year, with only 937 fatalities). Averaging over 1000 fatal auto accidents in Tennessee for each of the last 50 years, the numbers really add up. All told, approximately 60,000 people have died in auto accidents in the state during those years.

We’d like to think that most accidents are simply that–accidental–and no one is to blame. But the State of Tennessee’s Crash Statistics provide a wealth of information about the risks people face daily when they get in a car and hit the road. Since 2003, nearly 140,000 distracted drivers caused accidents in the state. These people were allegedly doing dangerous things while behind the wheel including texting and talking on the phone. Around 76,000 accidents during the same period were alcohol-related. The statistics provide a laundry list of other types of driver issues that cause accidents: road rage, speeding, inexperience, and ignoring simple rules of the road like using turn signals or driving in the correct lane.

The impact of all these accidents goes beyond the individuals in the cars. Think of the effect that each and every one of those fatal auto accidents in Tennessee and elsewhere have on individuals, family, and loved ones. What happens to a family who has lost a sole provider, a parent, or a spouse? For those who are injured, the medical costs alone are huge, but they are compounded by lost work time and the pain endured during recovery. The help of a lawyer can make it a stronger possibility that people who are injured or killed in accidents that weren’t their fault are fairly compensated. Injured people could afford to pay medical bills. The families of people who die in accidents could receive necessary financial resources to lessen the mental and financial blow.

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