GM Recall Update for Tennessee

Tennessee GM Recall UpdateGM continues to be under scrutiny for their delayed response to recalling automobiles with potentially serious problems that may affect Tennessee drivers. In early May of 2014, GM issued a recall for over 2 million vehicles that may have a faulty brake light system that could fail to work when the driver stepped on the brakes. It is clear the company knew about the issue due to a previous GM recall of about 8000 Pontiac G6s in 2009. The company waited nearly five years to issue a recall for the 2 million other automobiles that shared almost identical systems. It has been reported that this problem is allegedly responsible for approximately 13 deaths.

GM Recall Issues Still Developing

Issues revolving around the GM recall for the faulty ignition switch that would cut power to the automobile are still being brought up. The company reportedly refuses to cite the names of the 13 victims of that faulty part that it believes to have died as a result of the faulty ignition switch. Their stance has been silence out of respect for the victims’ families. However, that is being called into question as many of the victims allege that the company will not even talk to them about the issue and whether or not their loved ones were involved.

The families and their lawyers are now alleging that the company is hiding behind “respect” to avoid further legal action.

Lives Are Forever Changed by GM’s Alleged Silence

In one example, the girlfriend of one victim blamed herself for their accident. She was the one driving and pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide of her boyfriend without ever knowing about the faulty ignition switch. It wasn’t until mid-May of 2014 that she found she wasn’t responsible for the 2004 accident. Peter Asplund, the former Texas state trooper that was involved with the case, stated that knowing about the faulty ignition switches would have changed everything for her.

Consulting With The Attorney Group for Tennessee

Many lives have been affected by the issues found in the recalled GM vehicles, and more are coming forward each week as awareness grows of the issues involved with GM. If you are a resident of Tennessee and you believe you have been injured due to a vehicle involved in a GM recall, contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today. We can discuss your case free of charge, help you understand your legal rights, and connect you with an affiliated attorney who can help you file a lawsuit.