HCA Bans Device After FDA Warning, Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

After a recent warning from the FDA that a power morcellator may spread cancer during fibroid surgery, the largest for-profit hospital operating company announced it has banned the use of the device in those surgeries.

Nashville-based HCA Holdings Inc. made the announcement during the last week of November, just days after the FDA warning. Power morcellators are used in gynecological surgery. Recently, women who experienced the spread of cancer or the worsening of existing hidden cancer after a morcellator was used in their fibroid surgeries to file a morcellator cancer lawsuit. Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

Hospital Announcement

HCA Holdings has about 165 hospitals as well as 113 surgery centers located throughout the United States and in the UK. A hospital spokesman said the use of power morcellators during laparoscopic uterine surgery was being discontinued and that notices were being sent to all locations owned by the company. Although the FDA has not completely banned use of the devices, the hospital felt that recent findings warranted the discontinuation of their use in those surgeries in order to protect women who were under their care. With the potential for a morcellator cancer lawsuit if the use of the device was continued, the hospital is taking this step to protect itself, too.

Boston Case

A case published in the Wall Street Journal prompted the FDA to investigate the problems with power morcellators. A doctor in Boston reported that a morcellator-aided hysterectomy worsened a woman’s cancer. She filed a morcellator cancer lawsuit against the manufacturer of that particular power morcellator. According to the FDA report, morcellators can spread malignant tissue outside of the uterus to other areas of the body. That appears to be what occurred in the Boston case in which the affected woman filed the morcellator cancer lawsuit.

FDA Findings

On Nov. 24, the FDA issued an updated safety communication to healthcare providers, medical professional associations and others in the field of women’s health. The warning stated there is a risk for the spread of cancerous tissue within the abdomen and pelvis if power morcellators are used to remove cancerous fibroids. The warning discouraged doctors from using the devices on women with uterine fibroids or with those who have suspected or known uterine cancer.

Several women in Tennessee and other states have filed a morcellator cancer lawsuit after cancer cells were spread throughout their body due to the use of the device in their surgeries. The women claim that their survival rate dropped significantly because of their cancer spread, and that the spread was related directly to the use of the morcellator.

Did You Have a Fibroid Surgery in Which the Surgery Center Used a Laparoscopic Power Morcellator?

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