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Tennessee Androgel Testosterone AttorneysTestosterone is the primary male hormone that is responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics and which affects a variety of other important processes, including metabolism and libido. Having low testosterone, as a result of aging or a variety of medical conditions, can seriously impact a man’s life by impairing muscle growth, encouraging weight gain, and inducing feelings of fatigue. Testosterone replacement therapy intends to correct these problems by helping men achieve normal testosterone levels. Among the many treatments for low testosterone is Androgel.

Androgel is a unique type of testosterone replacement therapy medication that comes in gel form and is rubbed on the body. The hormones in the gel are absorbed through the skin, providing a convenient, injection-free mode of delivery. Because of the potent nature of the gel, those who are not prescribed Androgel — especially women — should avoid contact with the medication. If any contact is made, the gel should be vigorously washed off with soap and water. Androgel is to be applied to unbroken areas of skin on the shoulders or upper arms, and is ideally used at the same time each day. The gel should be left to dry for about five minutes before any clothing or covering is put on top of it. Additionally, for the highest level of effectiveness, you should avoid showering or swimming for five hours after application.

And while Androgel is intended to provide significant benefits, some instances of harm have been recorded, even where the product is used as directed. Androgel may produce allergic reactions such as swelling of your face, redness or itching at the site of application, or a breakout of hives. Difficulty breathing and swelling of the lips may also result. In addition to those relatively minor side effects, Androgel may also produce a troublesome increase in the frequency and duration of erections, jaundice, nausea, urination problems or dark urine, swollen ankles, stomach pain, or loss of appetite. In addition, due to the hormonal nature of Androgel, patients may also experience increased acne development, changes in  mood and sex drive, increased hair growth, and tenderness and swelling of the breasts. Androgel may also interact negatively with other medications.

Moreover, some research indicates that testosterone replacement therapy methods, such as Androgel, may also increase the user’s risk of heart attack or stroke. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that tracked nearly 9,000 users of testosterone replacement therapy products found that an even greater risk was present for men using these products and who also had issues such as high cholesterol, artery blockage, diabetes or plaque build-up.

As a result of these serious risks, lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of these products. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by the use of Androgel, or you want to learn more about the consequences of use and your legal rights, contact the American Injury Attorney Group. We can connect you with Tennessee Androgel testosterone attorneys with the experience and resources to help you. They understand how to pursue these types of cases and can guide you through the complex legal process. When working with our affiliated Tennessee Androgel testosterone attorneys, you can be confident they will take the time to understand your concerns and answer your questions.

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