Tennessee Apex Arc Hip System Attorney

Tennessee Hip Implant LawsuitsThe Apex Arc hip system is advertised as being a safe and effective prosthetic device that improves the life of anyone suffering from hip problems. When the first Apex Arc was implanted at a hospital in Milford, Connecticut, the device was touted as being a bone-sparing prosthetic that could be implanted without fear of the patient developing dangerous metallosis. While the device may indeed spare more bone than earlier hip systems, a claim made by Milford Hospital spokeswoman Karen F. Kipfer has been disputed by a recent Apex Arc hip system lawsuit. Kipfer claimed that due to the fact that the surgeon has their choice of materials that include ceramic, combinations of metal, or polyethylene, the Apex Arc hip system carries with it no concern of metallic ion release.

Apex Arc Hip System Lawsuit Filed

A Florida woman filed the first lawsuit against Orthopaedic Synergy Inc. and OmniLife Science Incorporated regarding the Apex Arc hip implant. The lawsuit was filed in Suffolk County Superior Court in Omni’s home state of Massachusetts. Court documents indicate the plaintiff was implanted with the Apex Arc hip system on or about February 20, 2012. Fewer than two years later, the plaintiff presented significant symptoms of metallosis and other adverse medical conditions that may be linked to the Apex Acme hip system. Court documents show the patient now suffers elevated cobalt, chromium and titanium levels and other symptoms consistent with metallosis as contracted by an implanted device. The plaintiff claims that the Apex Arc hip system led directly to a pseudo-tumor that necessitated further surgery. The plaintiff also had to have the hip prosthetic removed. She now reportedly uses a walker to get around.

Hip replacement surgery is relatively commonplace these days. A successful implant is expected to last at least fifteen years. When a faulty device causes medical distress, a patient should not have to suffer. No person in Tennessee should be faced with paying further medical expenses for a problem that can be attributed to the manufacturer of a device. If you or anyone you love was injured by a hip replacement or other surgical implant, consider contacting Attorney Group for Tennessee today.

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