Tennessee Asbestos Lawyer Wants You to Know Your Rights

Tennessee Asbestos LawyerWhat is Asbestos? Do I Need a Tennessee Asbestos Lawyer?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate material that has been mined and used by people since the time of ancient Greece. It has great insulation properties especially to heat and was used in great quantities during the industrial period of the United States and Europe. It was also used for many applications in residential housing as well as commercial buildings. Over time it became apparent that it was unsafe for people to be exposed to this material. Asbestos gives off fibers that become airborne and are inhaled by people in the area of the asbestos. Over time this exposure can lead to serious illness and even death. The most common deadly effects of asbestos include lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer, and when a cluster of people in a certain location are diagnosed, asbestos is often suspected.

Asbestos is no longer used in the construction of buildings and homes; it was banned in the 1980s. However, there is still much of it left over from the time it was used. Much of the asbestos has been removed in the last 30 years, but there is plenty of it that still remains. Sometimes people can be working or living near asbestos without knowing that it is present. The Attorney Group for Tennessee wants you to know your rights if you have been exposed to asbestos and believe you have suffered injury as a result.

Asbestos Exposure After Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have also played a part in exposing people to asbestos. In April of 2011, an EF5 rated tornado hit the area of Chattanooga and surrounding areas of the city as well as surrounding areas of the state. The result was a disaster that took hundreds of lives. Health officials warned of the potential for airborne fibers from asbestos after the destruction of commercial buildings and residential houses to be unleashed upon unsuspecting survivors. The same problems can occur from a flood. In May of 2010, Nashville was hit by flooding that also created similar asbestos exposure when old industrial buildings were destroyed and debris was strewn throughout the area. Health officials and disaster reports warned of the dangers of asbestos exposure, and for residents to be aware and be very careful when around the debris.

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

The compensation for asbestos-related illness may vary depending on the circumstances of your particular situation, so it is imperative to seek legal advice from a Tennessee asbestos lawyer. Many occupational examples to consider are construction workers, warehouse workers, anyone who has worked in an industrial setting in old buildings, and workers who have handled natural disaster cleanup. While these are only a few that can be affected, consult with your doctor if you believe your injury or illness may be due to asbestos exposure.

Asbestos-Related Illnesses

According to the medical community, lung cancer from asbestos exposure can take as long as 15 years to be diagnosed and mesothelioma can take as long as 30 years. It is possible that you may not be aware of the source of the asbestos, but this is why it is important to have a Tennessee asbestos lawyer as well as a medical doctor. A doctor can diagnose your condition, but consulting with a Tennessee asbestos lawyer can help you seek compensation for damages you have suffered.

Seek Help from a Tennessee Asbestos Lawyer

If you believe you were exposed to asbestos at any point and were diagnosed with an illness that could be related, contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today. We can help answer your questions and connect you with a Tennessee asbestos lawyer who can help you file a lawsuit and seek compensation for damages you have suffered. Contact us today for your free consultation.