Tennessee Blitz Gas Can Explosions

Blitz USA was the largest maker of plastic gas cans in the U.S., making millions of the cans each year. Unfortunately, these cans that are in many homes all of the nation have been found to be unsafe and can cause explosions that have lead to many people hiring a Blitz lawsuit attorney to file a Blitz lawsuit. Over a dozen people have been killed from the lack of safety device on these cans, including small children.

blitz gas can lawsuitsTennessee Blitz gas can explosion attorneys have been fighting for victims that have been hurt or even killed due to these unsafe red plastic containers. The issue is that these cans can leak fumes into the air as gas is poured. These fumes can than ignite and cause an explosion. There have even been cases where Blitz gas can explosion lawyers argue that the fumes exploded without any flame or spark to ignite the fumes. The evidence is compelling that Blitz knew of the hazard yet did nothing to prevent these injuries and did not even warn the public of the danger.

These explosions could have been avoided according to gas can explosion lawyers. There is a safety device called a flame arrester that can be added to the mouth of the gas can that shields the fumes while gas is poured. These simple devices are inexpensive yet the company never added them to their product. There also was not a sufficient warning put on the containers that explained the dangers and risks of the fumes igniting. Tennessee gas can explosion attorneys are ready to fight for anyone who has been injured due to this act of gross negligence.

Many people that have been injured or lost a loved one due to these dangerous gas cans have already filed a Blitz lawsuit and received compensation, some victims receiving millions of dollars. However, there are still people that are in need of a Blitz lawsuit attorney. For those who have been harmed by a gas can explosion involving a Blitz product, they should call the Tennessee Attorney Group for a consultation. The team of expert personal injury attorneys can let you know what options are available and how to proceed in you case.

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