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Natural disasters fill viewers of the evening news with horror and the question, “What if that horrible event happened to me? What would I do if I lost a family member in a natural disaster? How would I replace a home, vehicle, or everything in my house if a natural disaster happened here in Tennessee?” Casualty losses result from unexpected, sudden, or unusual events like wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. A major natural disaster event can cost a property and casualty insurance company billions of dollars to settle outstanding claims. Victims of natural disasters need legal help from Tennessee insurance claims attorneys.

Natural Disasters in Tennessee

Unfortunately, as some families in Tennessee already know, natural disasters are unforgiving. The April and May 2011 Mississippi floods caused sudden natural disaster: 1,300 families were required evacuate their homes in Memphis. Then, another 600 family homes and businesses in Dyersburg were lost as flood levels rose up to 47.8 feet. Next, homes in Millington, suburban Frayser, East Memphis, and Bartlett succumbed to flooding as the Mississippi continued to overflow. There was nothing for homeowners to do but leave. The total property damage loss was estimated at up to $4 million dollars. Imagine dealing with an insurance company without the help of Tennessee insurance claims attorneys, especially when those insurance companies are being uncooperative.

Holding Them Accountable

tennessee insurance claims attorneys

Why do insurance companies take so long to settle a natural disaster casualty claim? The short answer is that insurance companies have no financial incentive to pay your claim quickly unless lawyers like Tennessee insurance claims attorneys intervene on your behalf. In a natural disaster, the insurer’s cash reserves are stretched thin and, depending upon the magnitude of the damage suffered by its insureds, the insurance company may have liquidity issues or trouble settling all its claims. Families experiencing a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or flood in Tennessee understand that insurance companies sometimes fall short of doing what’s right. Those suffering in the aftermath of a major natural disaster need funds to start again. After a major natural disaster like the 2011 Tennessee floods, it is imperative that you contact Tennessee insurance claims attorneys.

When insurance companies don’t settle your natural insurance claim fast, you need Tennessee insurance claims attorneys to uphold your legal rights. Insurance companies may stall because they simply have too many claims to process when you need timely and fair settlement after a natural disaster. Without attorneys like Tennessee insurance claims attorneys making your case, you’re likely to receive a low-ball offer or greatly delayed settlement. You can’t wait when natural disaster takes your home, vehicle and everything you own! Call Tennessee insurance claims lawyers now.

Unethical and fast-talking insurance companies. The insurance company may seek to pass on financial woes to its clients. Insurance companies may discuss the client’s ability to write-off some items on taxes as a result of a natural disaster. Clients are not usually thinking about the after-tax effects of a casualty loss.

When the insurance company starts to speak legal jargon, don’t wait. Tell the insurance company your lawyer will take over from here. Call Tennessee insurance claims attorneys to state your case. You need financial resources to repair or rebuild a house, replace or fix a car or truck needed to get to work, or furnishings to make a home. You want the insurance company, to which you made regular, on-time premium payments, to pay a claim. Your goal is to get on with life, because the long road back to normal will take time. Tennessee insurance claims attorneys have experience in dealing with insurance companies. They will support your legal rights and dignity.

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When an insurance company acts in bad faith, clients must hold them accountable and to the letter of the law. Contact Attorney Group for Tennessee and let our affiliated Tennessee insurance claims attorneys fight back against your insurance company’s lax or inequitable practices involved in settling your insurance claim.