Tennessee Lipitor Lawsuits

Tennessee Lipitor LawsuitsTennessee Lipitor lawsuits claim the manufacturer of Lipitor, Pfizer, failed to disclose risks associated with the drug’s use, warnings patients could have used to monitor their blood glucose level when using the drug or avoid using the drug altogether.

If you take Lipitor and you have noticed symptoms that could be associated with Type 2 Diabetes, you should contact your doctor. You should also call a lawyer referral service like Attorney Group for Tennessee. They can find an experienced attorney to help you join the Tennessee Lipitor lawsuits.

The symptoms include:

  • Numb pain in limb extremities
  • Increased urinination or dark urine
  • Blurred vision
  • Hives
  • Breathing or swallowing problems
  • Sharp stomach pain

What Is Lipitor Used For?

Lipitor is a staten used to reduce levels of fats in the blood, including triglycerides and cholesterol. It has intended to correct the negative effect of cholesterol in the blood. It is a moneymaker for Pfizer, the company that manufactures the drug. They engaged in massive advertising campaign to sell Lipitor, using television ads, newspaper and magazine ads and Internet advertising.

The Side Effects of Lipitor

Before 2012, Pfizer listed the possible side effects of Lipitor. They included fatigue, upset stomach, memory loss or confusion. The manufacturer did not mention Type 2 Diabetes. The attorneys for the women claim Pfizer should have listed Type 2 Diabetes. It requires constant monitoring and injections for the sufferer to survive. There is no known cure. The victim suffers it for life. They must adhere to a strict diet and take medication. According to the attorneys, it is hard to put a dollar value on the hardship of the victims.

Because of Lipitor, the victim is now more likely than ever to develop heart disease, kidney disease, blindness or neuropathy. Attorneys say the victim suffers pain and suffering. The medication needed to treat diabetes is expensive, causing financial hardship. This makes the Tennessee Lipitor lawsuits look necessary.

The Tennessee Lipitor Lawsuits

As more women have discovered they have contracted Type 2 Diabetes after taking Lipitor, the drug has come under fire. Like all the lawsuits against Lipitor, the Tennessee Lipitor lawsuits have merit. There is a link between Lipitor use and diabetes. Cases of women who have no pre-existing conditions have come forward, and the only clear cause is Lipitor. In addition, a decision by the FDA in 2012 requires that Lipitor labels warn of the possibility of contracting Type 2 Diabetes as a possible side effect.

The cases have slowed in the courts by the difficulty attorneys have had in making a direct causal role of Lipitor. Lipitor is prescribed for people who have high levels of cholesterol and that could cause diabetes. Though attorneys agree that it is hard to compensate someone who gets the disease through a manufacturer’s mistake, attorneys defending Lipitor have been able to suggest that other causes, in conjunction with Lipitor, are at fault. Because of these factors, the money settlement may not be enormous for plaintiffs in Lipitor cases. As more women contact attorneys and file lawsuits, the pressure is growing, creating an expectation that a group class action will result.

There is a growing consensus that the number of cases will tip the balance in favor of those challenging Lipitor. It’s just a matter of time, according to reports. Lipitor has been prescribed for an almost infinite number of women. With a class action suit on a fast approaching horizon, many lawyers will join the cause. Pfizer may well prefer a class action suit because they don’t have to pay legal fees for an endless succession of Tennessee Lipitor lawsuits.

Attorney Group for Tennessee

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