Tennessee Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Tennessee Stryker Hip LawsuitTennessee Stryker Hip Lawsuit

Tennessee is a state known for a wide variety of activities, from the basking in the history of music styles such as blues and rock and roll to hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Simply put, Tennessee is a place for people who love to be on the go, and hip problems should not be what stops that from happening. Yet many people across the US, including patients in Tennessee, are dealing with hip replacement failures, and some have even had to endure hip revision surgeries after the failure of the original hip replacement. That is why it is important for Tennessee residents who have dealt with problems after receiving a Stryker hip replacement to consider a Stryker hip lawsuit. The Stryker hip lawsuit claims involve the Stryker ABG II and Stryker Rejuvenate hip devices. The Attorney Group for Tennessee is here to answer questions for those who believe they have been adversely affected by the Stryker hip replacement, and help connect you to an experienced attorney that can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

In spite of the well-documented effects these products have had on some individuals — swelling and pain in the hip joint, metal ions infiltrating the blood stream, and other issues — only a few individuals so far have reached resolutions in their Stryker hip lawsuit filings. This is in spite of the large amount of Stryker hip lawsuits in both federal and state court, in Tennessee and beyond, regarding the allegedly defective products. Some of the Stryker hip lawsuits date back two years; back to the time when the Stryker ABG II and Rejuvenate hip replacement devices were initially recalled.

There was some hope for Stryker hip lawsuits when Stryker agreed to settle four Stryker hip lawsuits in early February 2014. All four of the settlements were for cases in New Jersey court, and the claims were settled for confidential amounts. Though a few settlements in New Jersey may not appear to be beneficial for filers in Tennessee and other states, the resolution does indicate that the company is willing to settle in some cases.

No one should have to live with pain and suffering after receiving a hip replacement, or the financial burden that can be brought on by hip replacement failure and possible revision surgery. That is why Attorney Group for Tennessee wants to help. We can help answer your questions regarding your unique situation, help you decide if you have a claim, and connect you with a Tennessee Stryker attorney who will assist you in seeking compensation for damages you have endured. Contact us today for your free consultation.