Can a Tennessee Testosterone Attorney Help You?

Tennessee Testosterone AttorneyWhat are Testosterone Treatments?

Testosterone treatments are used for men who have low testosterone levels and are suffering from low libido, depression, bone density issues, and strength problems. It has also been used to build muscle mass. Nearly 432 million prescriptions were written for testosterone in 2013. The number has increased significantly from 208 million in 2008. The market for prescriptions has reached $1.6 billion.

What are the Side Effects?

Recent studies as well as lawsuits allege that men who are taking testosterone drugs are at a higher risk of stroke or heart attack. There are several testosterone treatments that have allegedly caused adverse side effects including Androgel, Androderm, Depo-Testosterone, Bio-T-Gel, and Testim. The more severe reported side effects include high blood pressure and blood clots in the legs. There also may be serious problems for people who may have liver disease, kidney, or heart disease. There have even been reports of deaths that are allegedly related to testosterone therapy.

Why are There Testosterone Lawsuits?

The risks for testosterone treatments were not discovered until a study was conducted and revealed that the risks could outweigh the benefits. Cardiovascular risk was one of the greatest risks of using this type of treatment. More doctors are conducting studies to determine the severity of the side effects and risks. Since patients, allegedly, were not properly informed of their risks, lawsuits have been filed.

Furthermore, studies found that there was a 30 percent increase in the likelihood that a patient would have a heart attack or stroke if they took testosterone supplements. Even men with healthy and unobstructed coronary passages were at risk.

In 2009, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) trial consisting of 200 older men who were frail had to be discontinued because of the high rate of heart attacks when the men engaged in testosterone therapy. The study found that men were not able to walk properly, and they were more fatigued. They also had decreased sexual function and verbal memory. An increase of hemoglobin and plaque buildup was also reported. This is another reason why lawsuits emerged.

Conversely, some studies that were funded by pharmaceutical companies found that there were no increased cardiovascular risk in patients who have taken testosterone supplements.

In February 2014, there were five Androgel lawsuits filed against Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie. The serious side effects were allegedly concealed from patients, and this prompted the lawsuits. One of the lawsuits involves a plaintiff who claims to have suffered a heart attack as a result of the drug. He is also requesting compensation for physical and emotional damage.

More testosterone therapy lawsuits could arise in the future as awareness of the dangers increases. It’s important for people who feel they have a lawsuit to contact a Tennessee testosterone attorney with experience in handling these types of cases.

What are the Different Brands?

Contact a Tennessee testosterone attorney if you’ve been exposed to any of these brands:

  1. Androderm
  2. Axirom
  3. Bio-T-Gel
  4. Delatestryl
  5. Depo-Testosterone
  6. Fortesta
  7. Striant
  8. Testim
  9. Testope
  10. Androgel

Each of these brands is under scrutiny and may be the source of lawsuits originating from men who took the supplements. The supplements may be taken orally or topically. If you’ve taken any of these supplements and dealt with serious injuries or unforeseen side effects, Attorney Group for Tennessee can answer your questions and connect you with an experienced Tennessee testosterone attorney who can handle your case and help you seek compensation for expenses you’ve incurred from the damage.

What You Need to Know If You’re at Risk

If you’ve taken testosterone therapy and you’ve experienced adverse side effects, you may be able to recover compensation for your suffering. Contact Attorney Group for Tennessee. We can answer your questions and help you determine if you have a case. Then we will connect you with an affiliated attorney that can help you fight for your legal rights and seek compensation. You should not have to deal with this alone- contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today for your free consultation.