Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawyers Note Eight Dead in Bus Crash

TN Bus CrashOver 30,000 deaths each year are the result of automobile accidents. In 2012 alone, Tennessee saw over 1,000 fatal crashes out of 47,268 injury-causing accidents. A few years earlier in Tennessee, in 2009, statistics showed there was one automobile accident for every 20 people living in the state.

Fatalities in Tennessee Bus Crash

On October 2, 2013, a church bus traveling in Gatlinburg veered across the median on Interstate 40 and hit an SUV and a tractor-trailer. Eight people were killed while 14 others were injured. Fatalities included the driver of the tractor-trailer, an individual in the SUV and six senior adult passengers on the bus. The interstate was closed in both directions for over 15 hours.

As rescue workers arrived at the scene, they attempted to save the injured and those who were still alive. Fires blazed, leaving little time to survey the scene of the accident. Witnesses report that one woman was alive but passed as rescue workers arrived. One individual suffered head injuries, and another woman broke her elbow.

The injured, at least eight in critical condition, were transported by ambulance and air to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. While the community attempts to recover from the tragic incident, an investigation into what happened and how the tire on the bus blew is beginning. The Highway Patrol is leading the investigation and will examine the experience and background of the bus driver and test the mechanics, including the brake system, of the bus to make sure that the vehicle was properly functioning prior to the accident.

Auto Accidents in Tennessee

Since 2003, almost 140,000 drivers were the cause of automobile accidents in Tennessee. Many of these drivers, according to plaintiffs and their Tennessee wrongful death lawyers, were allegedly operating their motor vehicles while distracted. Talking on the phone, texting, alcohol or substance use, speeding, road rage and ignoring the laws of the road are all factors that can contribute to a car accident.

Why Consult with Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawyers?

The impact of these incidents reaches far beyond the people immediately involved in the accident. Spouses have lost their partners, families have lost their children and colleagues have lost their friends. For those that walk away with an injury, the mounting medical expenses can take a serious toll on their finances. They may lose time at work and the income on which they depend due to severe pain and devastating injuries. Tennessee wrongful death lawyers can help those individuals to pursue claims and seek compensation for their injuries.

Those who are involved in vehicular accidents may try to settle their claims themselves in order to obtain compensation more quickly. Unfortunately, many insurance companies often offer low settlement offers for this reason; many times, claimants realize later down the road that they were entitled to more money. For this reason, it is important to consult with Attorney Group for Tennessee and be connected with Tennessee wrongful death lawyers who understand the system and how to work to get you an optimum settlement  for your case. Each claim is different and settlements may depend on the circumstances of your claim.

Injured? Our Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help

If you or someone you love was injured or killed in an automobile accident, attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Tennessee can help. Regardless of whether a insurance company has tried to settle with you, you are still entitled to seek legal counsel so that you understand your rights. Our goal is to inform you of your legal rights and connect you with experienced Tennessee automobile accident and wrongful death lawyers, all at no upfront cost to you. You may be entitled to seek compensation for wrongful death, loss of income, loss of consortium, medical bills and expenses as well as pain and suffering. So contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today for your free consultation.