Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys in Tennessee

Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys in Tennessee

The Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement was originally intended to be used for young and active individuals. The hip replacement was supposed to be unlike any other and allow a person to carry on with the daily, active lifestyle that he or she enjoyed. However, the reality has been that many individuals have been unable to continue to live this active sort of lifestyle after receiving a Zimmer Durom cup hip replacement. This ball device has caused excessive harm in the lives of patients, and many surgeons were never fully apprised of all of the risks associated with this medical device. If you have received severe injuries as a result of this hip implant device, then you should get in touch with Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys in Tennessee or Attorney Group for Tennessee to learn about your legal rights. A Attorney Group for Tennessee lawyer can help you to become part of the litigation efforts that have been filed against the manufacturer of the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement.

Brief History of the Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement

Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys in Tennessee

Lack of Instructions to Surgeons

Surgeons often continued to use the Zimmer Durom Cup replacement due to the lack of information that they received from the manufacturer. Even though the device left the hands of the manufacturer and was unreasonably defective in this moment, surgeons were often unaware of this fact. The FDA has even issued a public warning that the surgery instructions provided to surgeons were wholly inadequate for this device. An open letter was issued to all surgeons who had used the product. This warning was issued by the FDA in 2008.

Recent Developments Concerning the Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement

Since the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement has ceased to be used, there have been many instances in which individuals have successfully won settlements from the manufacturer. Zimmer Holdings, Inc. has actually created a pool fund that can be used for payments to victims who have suffered injuries associated with this device. The pool of money currently has over $47.5 million available for patients with injuries. In 2010, it is believed that the pool of money has actually increased to be about $145 million. The average case that has been joined in the multi-district proceedings concerning lawsuits against Zimmer Holdings, Inc. receives about $75,000 in damages. This money could be a significant benefit to you if you have been injured. You have likely been left with very expensive medical bills as a result of requiring additional surgery procedures. Perhaps you also need to pay for pain-killers and other prescription drugs to treat the excessive pain that you feel on a daily basis. This would also be a form of damages that you are entitled to receive as a result of the hip replacement. No person should have to experience unnecessary pain due to a medical device that is supposed to help them.

Also, individuals can pursue damages for other forms of losses in their cases with the help of Tennessee Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Recall Attorneys. Perhaps you have had to miss out on work after receiving this replacement. This is not uncommon, as many of the individuals receiving the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement were actually young adults who had salaried jobs. You may be able to receive present lost wages and future lost wages for the losses that you have suffered. You also may be able to qualify for a claim of loss of consortium. This refers to the inability of a plaintiff to ever enjoy a certain aspect of life again. It can refer to a hobby or even sexual intercourse.

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