Tennessee GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Tennessee GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

GranuFlo is a product used in dialysis to neutralize acid in the blood. It acts to buffer the blood’s acidic pH, which the kidneys can no longer regulate on their own. Fresenius, the manufacturer of GranuFlo, claims that the product is the most widely used dialysis product of its kind.

GranuFlo contains acetic acid and sodium acetate, two substances that elevate the amount of bicarbonate in blood. Bicarbonate is usually also given separately to dialysis patients to neutralize blood acid levels. Bicarbonate can accumulate in the body when it comes from GranuFlo and from measured doses given at the same time. High levels of bicarbonate can cause serious side effects in the body, including abnormal heart rhythm, low blood pressure, low blood oxygen saturation, low potassium and elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. When the side effects of elevated bicarbonate levels are undetected and untreated, they can lead to cardiac arrest, stroke and death.

GranuFlo Lawsuits

Evidence suggests that Fresenius, GranuFlo’s manufacturer, was aware of the elevated risk of cardiac arrest that occurred in patients who were given GranuFlo and actively worked to conceal this information from the public. It has been reported that in 2011, the company circulated a private memo warning about the increased risk of cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies in people who received GranuFlo. This alleged memo was circulated only to Fresenius’ dialysis centers after nearly 1,000 dialysis patients had cardiac arrest episodes in their dialysis centers. The company allegedly sent no warning to other companies that ran dialysis centers and continued to market GranuFlo as normal. 100,000 dialysis patients were receiving GranuFlo regularly as part of their dialysis treatment.

Fresenius allegedly made an effort to inform doctors, customers and the public about GranuFlo’s side effects only after the Food and Drug Administration ordered the company to do so. The FDA order came in March 2012 after Fresenius’ alleged 2011 memo was sent to FDA officials. After the alleged memo was leaked to the FDA, the agency issued a Class I recall of GranuFlo. A Class I recall is the most urgent class of recall and means that continued use of a product puts people in danger of experiencing severe side effects and death.

You may be considering filing a Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit if you or a loved one were affected by the side effects caused by GranuFlo’s allegedly excessive bicarbonate effects. Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys have noted that lawsuits are being consolidated in the Massachusetts district of the U.S. Federal Court. This allows people harmed by GranuFlo to conduct discovery against Fresenius under the supervision of a single judge, making the process more efficient. Most GranuFlo lawsuits accuse Fresenius of failing to inform patients of the risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and death from the use of GranuFlo and knowingly endangering the lives of patients by concealing information about these side effects from doctors, the FDA and the public.

The GranuFlo lawsuits also allege that Fresenius should have established a training program for medical professionals to inform them of the proper uses of GranuFlo. GranuFlo posed a risk to many people because it elevated bicarbonate levels in the blood, a quality that many nurses and clinical staff were allegedly not aware of when treating dialysis patients. These staff members would reportedly give patients additional bicarbonate products, putting too much bicarbonate in patients’ bloodstreams and putting them at higher risk of cardiac arrest.

If you are considering filing a Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit, contact The Attorney Group for Tennessee to be connected with a Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit attorney. The lawsuits against Fresenius were consolidated in March 2013, and as of August, more than 200 suits are currently pending against the company. A Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit attorney will help you gather documentation about your condition and can help you establish proof that you were treated with GranuFlo and that it caused you to have serious side effects, including cardiac arrest or stroke.

If you file a Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit, it is possible that you can receive compensation for your medical bills and other expenses associated with the side effects of GranuFlo treatment. If you choose to file a Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit, you may be eligible for several types of damages, including medical bills, diminished quality of life, mental anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost ability to earn income, and even wrongful death or burial expenses (filed by family).

Tennessee GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Contacting an attorney is the best way to determine your eligibility to file suit. Beginning the process as soon as possible will potentially allow you to better prove your case. Many people have been left with questions about the details of GranuFlo lawsuits, which is why Attorney Group for Tennessee wants to help. We can answer your questions, determine your eligibility for a GranuFlo lawsuit claim, and connect you with an experienced Tennessee GranuFlo lawsuit attorney, all at no cost to you. So contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today for your free consultation.