Tennessee Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys

Tennessee Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys

Januvia is a drug that has been used by thousands of patients in the United States for the treatment of Type II Diabetes. Unfortunately, medical research indicates that Januvia may actually be a linking factor in the development of pancreatitis, pancreas cancer and other forms of cancer within patients who have taken Januvia. Pancreatitis is a condition that is often a precursor to pancreas cancer, and it is important for individuals with this condition to be aware of any legal rights that they may have. Attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Tennessee are ready to assist individuals who have been diagnosed with pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer after taking Januvia.

 History of Januvia

Januvia was approved by the FDA in 2006, but Tennessee Januvia lawsuit attorneys have noted that many lawsuits have ensued after this approval. Soon after its initial approval in the medical market, the FDA then released a revision notice for the label on Januvia. The FDA announced in 2009 that it believed there was an association between patients who consumed Januvia and the development of pancreatitis within these patients. The FDA had analyzed the cases of over 80 individuals taking Januvia, and it had discovered that over 50 of them required hospitalization. The FDA now requires that there be certain information contained on the label of Januvia drugs. It has been recommended that doctors pay close attention to whether patients develop any pancreatic conditions after consuming Januvia. In addition, the label on Januvia drugs must contain information that indicates the drugs may cause vomiting, nausea, anorexia or abdominal pain within patients. The FDA has continued to publish safety notices to the public in regards to Januvia, and the most recent was in March of 2013

Harm Caused by Januvia

Patients who consume Januvia are potentially at risk for developing minor and severe side effects, including life-threatening illnesses like pancreatic cancer. The harm that Januvia patients suffer as a result of consuming the drug may cause them to miss extended periods of time from work, impact family relations and cause them to incur medical expenses and pain and suffering. Patients may be eligible to recover damages for the harm that they have suffered, and attorneys are able to assist in filing Januvia lawsuits. Tennessee Januvia lawsuit attorneys such as those affiliated with Attorney Group for Tennessee can help patients determine the full extent of damages that they may be entitled to receive, and pursue compensation from the drug’s manufacturer.

The FDA has instructed doctors to maintain close watch over patients who have been prescribed with Januvia. If you suffer any adverse side effect, you should immediately report it to your doctor. Some of the minor side effects associated with Januvia include severe nausea, vomiting, sweating, abdominal pains and fatigue. Some patients who take Januvia have also reported weight gain after consuming the drug. There are also more serious adverse effects that are associated with Januvia, and these adverse effects include development of pancreatic cancer, kidney failure, thyroid cancer, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and elevated heart rates. If you experience any severe side effect, then you should contact your doctor, and then contact Attorney Group for Tennessee for a free consultation. The Attorney Group for Tennessee can connect you with a Tennessee Januvia lawsuit attorney that can help you pursue compensation for damages you have suffered. The Attorney Group for Tennessee can also answer any questions you may have, and help you make sure your legal rights are respected.

Tennessee Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys

Lawsuits are now being filed across the United States by Januvia patients. You may wish to begin by contacting Attorney Group for Tennessee to answer any questions you may have about Januvia lawsuits and what legal options are available to you. It may be that Tennessee Januvia lawsuits will be combined for the purpose of multi-district litigation proceedings. You can get in touch with a lawyer affiliated with Attorney Group for Tennessee to find out more information about Januvia lawsuits today. Taking part in Januvia lawsuits may give you the opportunity to recover the extreme costs that you have suffered as a result of taking this drug. So contact Attorney Group for Tennessee today for your free consultation.