Tennessee Biomet Hip Replacement Attorneys

biomet hip replacement attorneys

Problems Caused by Biomet M2A Hip Implants

In September 2001, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a public statement related to a hip implant recall by Biomet and several other manufacturers. The femoral head, which is a ball in the implant was found to have a higher than normal chance of fracturing, which would make the patient require another surgical replacement.

Side Effects of the Hip Implants

Biomet hip replacement attorneys became aware that those who received the Biomet Magnum hip implant could experience certain side effects. One of these is called metallosis. It is caused when metal components in the implant rub against other metallic parts. This results in metal ions being released, which accumulate in the body and cause damage to the patient’s health. Metallosis can occur in hip implants that are made from all metal components, as opposed to other hip implant devices which use a combination of plastic and metal. Several problems reported by patients to Biomet recall attorneys in Tennessee include pain around the area of the joint, trouble walking, bone fractures, skin rash, dislocation of the implant and damage to nerves, muscle or tissue.

Biomet Hip Replacement Attorneys Are Here For You

Those who have been injured as a result of having a defective Biomet Metal on Metal hip replacement implant may be able to receive damages for medical bills, lost wages, plus pain and suffering. You can get in touch with hip replacement lawyers at Tennessee Lawyers so that we may evaluate your claim. Our experienced Biomet recall attorneys will guide you through the entire legal process, helping defend your rights if you were injured by a defective hip implant.