Tennessee Defective Medical Device Lawyers

Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers

If you’ve suffered an illness or injury related to a medical device, it’s easy to feel angry, confused, or even lost, especially if you’re struggling to pay medical bills or deal with other basic expenses. Though you might not think you have much chance of winning a lawsuit, a medical device lawyer can help clarify your options and, in many cases, get you the money you need without ever going to court, if you choose the right one. Here are a few things to do before you hire a Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers.

Gather Information About Your Product

Your attorney will be better equipped to serve you if you an provide him or her with some basic information about your medical device. The documentation you got from your surgeon or doctor should list the most important pieces of information, such as the exact product name, serial number,and manufacturer. If you no longer have your device documentation, contact the hospital or clinic where you had your surgery; under HIPPA, you have the right to a copy of medical records, and these should include the information you need.

Get a Copy of Your Medical Records

If you have not already done so, get a copy of all your medical records related to your initial surgery (when your device was implanted) as well as any subsequent records. Make sure you have the date of your initial surgery, the names of the doctors and other health care providers involved, and your prognosis at the time. Get full documentation of the problems the device has caused you and the treatments you’ve undergone since your surgery. If you’ve been under a doctor’s care for any condition not related to your device, get those records as well, since a medical device lawyer will need to prepare for any possible counter-claim .

Research Attorneys

Once you have your records, it’s time to start researching Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers. You need to find a lawyer who only does personal injury liability cases, as a “general practitioner” may not have the necessary experience. If possible, find one whose majority — or only — case load is medical device tort cases (“tort” is the legal term for a wrong that creates liability). If there’s a recall or a class action suit, your lawyer may also need experience in mass tort cases.

Meet with and Vet the Lawyer

Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers

Vet the Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers

Finally, you need to vet, or establish the creditability, of your potential Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers. Ask for a list of references, some of who should be former clients. Check with your local bar association to ensure your lawyer is in good standing and licensed to practice in your state. Check your local better business bureau for any complaints. Finally, check online reviews and ask around in your community; doing so wll give you a good feel for the firm’s reputation.

Final Thoughts

A legal case against a medical device manufacturer can take time and cause a lot of frustration. The right medical device lawyer can take much of the stress out of the process. Gathering information yourself, doing your research, and vetting the Tennessee Medical Device Lawyers can help ensure success.