Tennessee FELA Railroad Lawsuits


Tennessee Railroad Accident Attorneys

Railroad workers are protected by the Federal Employers’ Liability Act. This law was established in 1908 in response to public outrage that railroad workers were being seriously injured on the job and the government failed to compensate them. Today, you have the law on your side. If you are a railroad worker that has been injured on the job, or you have a family member who needs assistance in pursuing a case, please contact Attorney Group for Tennessee. This firm of seasoned professionals can help you claim the money that you deserve from a FELA railroad lawsuit settlement.

In 1939, Congress fought to increase the rights of the railroad worker. They did so by eliminating assumption of risk as an available defense, no matter what the situation. Congress also enacted laws to protect you from the possibility of the railroad company using force to intimidate you. This type of behavior is illegal, and FELA Lawyers can assist you by reporting these actions so that they can be recorded in a court of law. If you have been hurt while working on the railroad, don’t let anyone tell you that it is your fault. Don’t discuss the incident with co-workers or your superiors. FELA Lawyers need to be contacted immediately to ensure you take the proper steps that the law requires in order to win your FELA railroad lawsuit.

FELA Lawyers are specialized professionals who know their field inside and out. Gone are the days when railroad workers were told that they assumed risk when they choose to show up to work. In the past the railroad companies swindled the workers into giving up and taking responsibility for negligence on the part of the railroad. This will not happen to you as long as you enlist the help of a qualified attorney at Attorney Group for Tennessee. They will be by your side as you take on the railroad to claim what is rightfully yours. No one should have to suffer a painful injury at work without receiving just compensation.

Today we live in a world in which workers enjoy increased protection in almost every field, and FELA Lawyers work diligently to ensure these laws are followed by the companies involved in these cases. Due to even further improvements to the laws in the 1950’s, the railroad can rarely blame injury on the worker. However, it is up to you to take your case to court. The railroad isn’t going to fight your case for you.