Tennessee Negligent Security Lawyers

It is not uncommon for property owners to hire additional security personnel for large gatherings, like concerts. Sometimes, minimum security just doesn’t make the cut. Security forces are often called in to facilitate the maintenance of peace at large demonstrations that appear as though they may turn ugly (these demonstrations can consist of thousands of people, and while difficult to control, Freedom of Assembly makes these demonstrations perfectly legal). This type of security usually maintains a commanding presence.

But batons and pepper spray are not always a requirement. On a significantly smaller scale, unarmed security officers may be called in to supervise a large birthday party, and in some rare cases, personal security guards are requested to escort fearful persons to and from home, school or the office. No matter the scale upon which security is requested, and no matter the reason, it becomes the responsibility of the responding guards to make sure that everyone is safe, as long as they are in uniform. If you or someone you know has suffered injury as the result of negligent security, you may be entitled to compensation.

The first step in filing a negligent security lawsuit is to acquire a negligent security lawyer. Negligent security lawyers are there to help you build your case from the ground up, but can also help you navigate the legal waters surrounding negligent security cases. Negligent security lawyers will offer advice on how to collect evidence-more importantly how not to (evidence collected unethically can lead to a mistrial)-and how to document important events.

Document dates, times, locations and the extent of your damages, both emotionally and financially. Use whatever you need to, whenever you need it, to get your message across. Use a napkin or the back of your hand. Take down the names and addresses of witnesses who can testify on your behalf. The more information you have, the more complete your case will be. Your aim is to start at the very beginning, highlight the actions of the negligent party, and the damages they caused. When you have gathered all that you need, sit down with your negligent security lawyer and start over.

In order to be entitled to compensation in a negligent security case, you must prove that:

negligent security lawyers in Tennessee

  • You sustained personal injury or loss
  • You sustained such injury or loss in the presence of a security guard
  • Said security guard was charged with your personal protection or the protection of your property at the time the incident occurred
  • Said injury or loss could have been prevented if said security guard had not breached safety protocol
  • Compensatory responsibility falls on the security guard or parent company

Since every situation is different, the damages sustained as a result of negligent security can vary widely. Damages include:

  • Personal injury
  • Property damage

Call today for your free consultation, even if you think you may not have a case. Negligent security lawyers are available to answer any questions that you may have in regards to damages sustained as a result of negligent security, and if you have a case, they’ll fight for it.

If you have sustained personal injury or loss as a result of negligent security, call for your free consultation with a negligent security lawyer and take back what is rightfully yours.