Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Millions of Americans are injured in accidents every year. Of these millions of accidents, bicycle accidents account for a large number. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 500,000 people seek emergency treatment for bicycle accident-related injuries. Tragically, over 700 people also are killed in such accidents on average annually. Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers can consult now for immediate assistance.

While many of these accidents occur as the result of sheer accidence or the actions of the bicyclist him or herself, there are, unfortunately, many bicyclists are injured as a result of other parties’ actions. From irresponsible or distracted drivers to negligent municipal agencies who fail to provide safe bike lanes, many other parties are often found to be at fault for causing an accident in which an innocent bicycle rider is injured. In these circumstances, a person should contact their local Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers to better understand their situation and options.

Common Injuries Resulting from Bicycle Accidents

Tennessee bicycle accident lawyers

Regardless of the cause of the accident, bicycle accidents can cause severe injuries, largely due to the fact that bicyclists have little protection in the event of an accident. The injuries that a bicyclist sustains in an accident can range from minor to severe to even fatal, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Some of the most common injuries that affect bicycle riders include:

  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Fractures
  • Road rash
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries

Of those bicycle riders who suffer from these and other injuries as a result of bike accidents, children usually account for more than 50%, according to the CDC.

How Can Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers Help You?

No matter who is hurt in the accident, whether it is a young child riding their bike around their neighborhood, a college student biking to class, or an older adult biking around town, many bicycle accidents are actually the fault of another person or party. In fact, many bicycle accidents are the result of:

  • Distracted drivers, such as those texting or talking on their phone
  • Speeding drivers
  • Bicycle manufacturers who failed to ensure that the bicycle was constructed properly and with safe materials
  • Municipal, or government, agencies who fail to address road hazards or put bike lanes on busy or more dangerous roads

When a bicycle rider is harmed in an accident as a result of these or other irresponsible parties, they may actually have the legal right to file a lawsuit or legal claim against the party accountable for their injuries. When faced with this situation, many people choose to speak with Tennessee bicycle accident attorneys to better understand their legal rights and options.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Collect?

Filing lawsuits after being injured in a bicycle accident can be extremely beneficial to an injured bicyclist, as they can allow an injured party to obtain much-needed financial compensation for their injuries, in addition to other losses they have sustained as a result of the accident. Commonly, a successful lawsuit can help a victim obtain financial compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Future medical treatment and care
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Emotional trauma

In order to be eligible to file a lawsuit against another party after a bicycle accident for these and other expenses or losses, a bicyclist must be able to prove that another party was negligent. Doing this can be complicated and, as such, many people seek the support of Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers. Thus, if you have been injured in a bike accident and want to explore your legal options or learn more about pursuing financial compensation, call the Tennessee Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Tennessee Attorney Group.