Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers

Have you recently been involved in a serious fall, car accident or other traumatic event? Such incidents can cause brain injuries that may or may not be immediately recognizable. It’s important to understand the possible symptoms of brain damage and seek immediate medical assistance. If injury is suspected, seeking out the services of qualified brain injury lawyers may also be necessary. For immediate assistance, call Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers now.

What Causes Brain Injuries?

Damage to the brain can occur in several different ways. Some damage is the result of hereditary processes and the gradual deterioration of brain tissues that occurs naturally. But a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can also occur suddenly due to a forceful impact. Traumatic injuries may not always seem very serious, especially when no external damage is apparent. Such injuries, called “closed brain injuries,” often go untreated, and such delay in treatment can prove to be fatal.

What Effects Do Brain Injuries Produce?

Tennessee brain injury lawyers

Effects of TBI vary greatly from case to case, depending on what parts of the brain are affected. For instance, injuries to the right side of the brain can cause impairment to creative processes such as musical or artistic ability. They can also cause difficulty in controlling the muscle of the left side of the body.

Injuries to the left side of the brain can cause difficulties in logical thinking and communication abilities. Left side trauma can reduce a person’s ability to understand language or to speak clearly. And of course, these injuries can interfere with physical movement of the right side of the body.

Other effects of TBI include slowed thinking and speaking, inability to concentrate, emotional instability, confusion and memory loss.

Mild cases of TBI often seem to produce few symptoms initially, with changes in cognitive ability, fine motor function and personality occurring later on. Brain injury lawyers are experienced in these complexities and are better able to receive adequate compensation for their clients.

Medical Treatment

Any forceful impacts to the head should be checked out by a doctor. Emergency treatment should be sought if any of the above symptoms are observed immediately after the incident.

Mild injuries often produce only temporary symptoms and don’t require much more than bed rest and over-the-counter pain killers. But even injuries that appear to be mild at first can actually be like time bombs waiting to go off. Internal bleeding, inflammation, and accumulation of fluids in the skull can can cause permanent brain damage or even death, so immediate medical attention and close monitoring after the event is advised.

Medications for more severe injuries can include anti-seizure drugs — especially in the days following the incident — to reduce the risk of seizure. If fluids are building up and causing excessive pressure in the brain, diuretics may be prescribed to flush fluids from the body. In more extreme circumstances where oxygen supply to the brain is impaired, drugs may be given to induce a temporary coma, since the brain requires less oxygen while in this state.

Legal Assistance From Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers

Not all attorneys are adequately trained to handle cases involving TBI and so-called mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs). Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers specialize in these cases and are aware of the challenges of diagnosing these injuries. This specialization enables Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers to acquire the compensation you need to properly adjust to long-term effects of brain injuries.