Tennessee Burn Injury Attorneys

A burn injury can be a debilitating, life changing event, one that requires the assistance of experienced Tennessee burn injury attorneys to ensure that the needs of the injured party are met. The immediate and long-term medical bills can be astronomical. If the injury causes long-term or permanent disability, the associated costs rise even higher. Those costs are exactly why burn injury liability cases are so hard fought, with the liable party typically mounting the toughest defense possible. A serious burn injury can be a major financial burden. Call a Tennessee Burn Injury Attorneys for immediate assistance.

The High Cost Of Burn Care

Caring for burn injuries can be a costly affair. In fact, as noted in a January 23, 2012, USA Today article, the expenses associated with treating serious burn injuries have contributed to the closing of burn units in many regions of the United States. According to the article, such treatment can easily cost $6,000 per day. Data cited by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, states that of the approximately 2.2 million people in the United States that suffer burn injuries per year, 5,500 die. About 60,000 are severe enough to require hospitalization, costing more than one billion dollars a year, with rehabilitation expenses adding more than 3 billion dollars annually to the overall cost.

That is because the care required for a severe burn injury is multifaceted. In addition to immediate and short term medical needs, there are often reconstructive surgeries and skin grafting procedures required. The disfiguring nature of some burns leads to the need for psychological care, as well. Sometimes, not only does the body need reconstruction, but so also does the patient’s life. Disability may prevent return to their former employment, so after physical rehab, vocational retraining may be required. These are incredible costs to be born, and if there is a liable party, skilled Tennessee burn injury attorneys can help ensure that the responsible party is held accountable.

Some Burn Types More Debilitating Than Others | Tennessee Burn Injury Attorneys

Tennessee Burn Injury AttorneysAccording to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, as awful as thermal burns can be, chemical burn injuries can be much worse. They tend to result in deeper, more debilitating burns. That is because they are the result of chemical processes and interactions, often destroying tissue rapidly without the same visual cues that other burn types have. The skin surface can look as though the burn is moderate, masking the severe, ongoing damage taking place underneath. These types of burns are often the result of industrial accidents, requiring the assistance of Tennessee burn injury attorneys to protect patients’ rights to compensation.

Ocskaymark-Istock-ThinkstockElectrical burns are another complex and dangerous type of burn. Like chemical burns, the surface of the wound can be deceptive, masking severe tissue damage underneath. High electrical current can burn so severely that tissue dies immediately. The electrical current often travels along neural paths, as well as through veins and arteries. Treatment of severe electrical burn injuries can span years and be exceedingly costly.

It Is About Justice And Safety

Tennessee burn injury attorneys have a twofold task, protecting their individual clients and the public at large. Burns are among the most potentially devastating injuries, with financial costs that are simply unbearable for the average person. A skilled attorney will fight for you aggressively, helping to ensure that you are compensated correctly. Furthermore, aggressively liable parties accountable when actions or a failure to act result in a burn injury helps protect the public from further such incidents. When these entities know that they will be held financially accountable, they tend to be far more careful when it comes to preventing burn injuries.