Tennessee Child Injury Lawyers

There are many causes of injury to a child. A child is at a very vulnerable time of their life. Their lack of knowledge about the world and how it works is the leading cause for many child and infant injuries as well as a lack of duty by the responsible adult. Injuries during the birth of a child can also occur, and when they do, it is important to know your options. Calling Tennessee Child Injury Lawyers will ensure you feel comfortable with the treatment of your child.

Tennessee Child Injury Lawyers

Tennessee Child Injury Lawyers, Infant Injury Attorneys

Another frequent cause of child injury is suffocation, water inhalation or blocked airway. Cribs with sliding sides are responsible for a number of these along with the cords to blinds, access to plastic bags, and choking on small items. If your child is not breathing, was not breathing for a period of time or has bruising around his or her throat call a medical professional right away to ensure the safety of the child and to prevent any further damage. If you feel there was a problem with the child equipment such as a crib railing you should contact a Tennessee birth injuries lawyer.

Also a risk seen with children is the risk of poisoning. Children and infants can ingest any substance that can be found on their level including cleaners, detergents, bleach, medications, alcohol among others. If you child has ingested something inedible and is conscious and alert call Poison control: 1-800-222-1222. If your child is unresponsive, unconscious, vomiting or seizing, immediately call 911. Ingesting non-edible substances can cause anything from a slight tummy ache to: vomiting, unconsciousness, dilated pupils, brain damage and death.

Birth injuries are a cause of concern for expectant parents. Parents want to know what could happen during the birth of their child and there are several birth injuries that can occur during the birthing process. Caput succedaneum is a condition that can occur during birth. It is the swelling of the tissues of the head, which can occur from the travel of the fetus through the birth canal. Delivery through vacuum extraction may cause this condition to be more noticeable but the swelling or bruising disappears within a few days.

Facial paralysis is another birthing injury that is seen after compression of the fetus through the birthing canal. This occurs when a nerve is compressed. Paralysis is usually noticed when the newborn is crying. If only bruising occurs, it will heal on it’s own. If damage has occurred, surgery must be undergone to reverse the damage.
Bone fractures are also witnessed during births. Fracture of the clavicle is the most common fracture caused by childbirth and is also caused by compression. Limiting movement of that arm is needed if the fracture is painful, otherwise the break will heal in approximately ten days.

Tennessee Infant Injury Attorneys

There are legal options available to you if you think that injuries are a result of negligence. You have the right to ensue a lawsuit in any case where negligence is the leading cause of injury to your child. If you feel your newborn was injured during delivery due to medical negligence, you are encouraged to contact a medical malpractice legal group such as Tennessee Child Injury Lawyers.