Tennessee Construction Accident Injury Lawyers

When you are out on a construction site, whether you are a new face or an old hand, every construction job is different. So every time you are at a new site and a new job you are prone to be susceptible to the endless combination of things which could befall you. Site falls, crane accidents, electrical, welding, brazing or cutting accidents, other types of mechanical failure and more are just a few types of construction accident injury you could be faced with.

Construction accident injury is also pretty confusing; especially for folks who’ve had something happen to them for the first time. You may get a lot of papers shuffled at you right afterwards. It’s never a good idea though to sign something you don’t understand. You may have been handed a waiver before you began working on the site. That’s a shady deal and is something you should bring up to your union rep or whoever hired you.

If this is a non-union job and even if you have signed a waiver prior to the incident, you are often afforded the rights to due process which we all are.

construction accident injury lawyers in TN

Many of the most common incidents of construction accident injury take place because of things like unsafe working conditions, out of date and unsafe mechanical equipment, accidents in the makeshift elevators which are found at construction sites, or incidents dumping waste or something else around the dumpster.

Of course construction accident injury often occurs when you have one party who is relying on the actions of another and they are not properly ready or present to do the things which need to be done. Ultimately two person operations are the responsibility of both parties. Construction job sites work like a finely tuned instrument. When the fingers are playing the correct notes, in the correct way, it all sounds great. But if one of your co-workers is supposed to be in a certain spot at a certain time and they’re not, the whole thing is off. If you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there and this other party is not, well that’s not your fault. If you get injured because of their negligence, well that’s not your fault either.

Supervisors or foremen can sometimes even drop the ball. If there is an incident which takes place due to the lack of oversight from your superior that is another case where you have your rights and you should exercise those rights.

Have You Suffered from a Construction Accident Injury?

If you need to talk to someone about a construction accident injury it’s important that you go through the right legal channels before you try and settle anything of your own accord. If necessary first get checked out by a physician but then you should meet with a lawyer and discuss what your rights are.

Never consider any issue settled and any case closed until you have first spoken with a construction accident injury attorney. Your future productivity and the long-term well-being of yourself and your family could depend on it.