Report: Man Faces 16 Years in Prison for Role in Deadly Car Crash

A Virginia car crash lawyer notes that a young man faces more than 15 years in prison after allegedly blowing a stop sign and tumbling down an embankment, killing one passenger in his vehicle while seriously injuring another. In addition to criminal charges, people who drive under the influence may be liable to the others they harm, and victims of negligence, as well as the families of those killed, may be eligible to recover compensation with the help of a Virginia car accident lawyer.

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Involuntary Manslaughter Charge Added After Passenger Dies in Hospital

A Lynchburg, Virginia, man faces as many as 16 years behind bars as a result of his role in a deadly crash that ultimately killed one young woman and seriously injured another. According to The News Advance, the injured party suffered medical issues severe enough to warrant a month-long hospital stay. The other young woman developed a fatal bacterial infection in the hospital after she underwent treatment for a collapsed lung, multiple bone breaks and a severe brain injury she suffered during the crash.

Both victims were passengers in a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old man, who caused the accident after blowing a stop sign and plunging down an embankment. Initially, the driver was charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence and two felony counts of DUI maiming. While one of the DUI maiming charges was ultimately dropped, an involuntary manslaughter charge was added after one of the victims died at the hospital. Whether the driver also suffered injuries in the accident is not clear at this time.

Criminal Liability for Drunk Driving Accidents is Different Than Civil Liability

Regardless of the outcome of any criminal action against the driver, the determination of the criminal court is different than any civil case that may be brought against the driver. In a criminal matter, a person is accused of a crime and, if convicted, can be sentenced to jail or probation. Sometimes monetary fines and restitution are imposed on the guilty party.

However, the outcome of a criminal matter is often not relevant to a civil matter that could be brought against the person committing the wrongful act. A person who drives drunk commits a crime, but if that person also injures or kills another person while driving drunk, he or she may face civil liability in addition to criminal charges.

In a civil case, a person’s actions are not judged on whether they were illegal, but instead on whether they constituted negligence, reckless or malicious behavior, or other fault. If those actions are found to constitute fault, and if those actions caused injury to another person, then the wrongful actor may be held liable to the injured party for the payment of money to compensate for the injuries and other damages caused.

How a Virginia Car Crash Lawyer Can Help

Drivers or passengers who are injured in car accidents may be able to file a lawsuit with the help of a Virginia car crash lawyer and recover compensation for damages resulting from their injuries, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

The families of those killed may be eligible to recover money for funeral expenses and the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

If the actions causing injury are malicious or so reckless that intent to harm can be inferred, the responsible party can be liable for punitive damages to punish wrongful conduct and deter similar conduct in the future.

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