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Car Accident | Auto Insurance Class Action

Lawsuit: Insurance Company Wrongfully Reduced Injury Settlement

An auto insurance class action lawsuit may be an option for individuals who were involved in an auto accident resulting in injury and whose insurance company wrongfully deducted […]

Woman and Baby | Arkansas Zofran Birth Defects Lawyer

Report: Study Shows Increased Zofran Heart Defects Risk

An Arkansas Zofran birth defects lawyer notes that a growing group of women claim their children suffered severe birth defects as a result of exposure to the prescription […]

Woman Using Cellphone While Driving | Arkansas Auto Injury Lawyer

Survey: Teens Admit Using Cellphone Apps While Driving

An Arkansas auto injury lawyer notes a study indicating that nearly 70 percent of teenagers use cellphone apps while driving. While cellphone use and other forms of distracted […]

Woman Holding Vial of Blood | Arkansas Xarelto Injury Lawyer

Questions Surround Accuracy of Xarelto Clinical Trial

An Arkansas Xarelto injury lawyer notes that some doctors and health care professionals may be asking if certain peer-reviewed publications prioritize profits over accuracy when it comes to […]

Pouring Pills | Arkansas Lipitor Attorney

Study Links Cholesterol Drug Lipitor and Crippling Muscle Pains

An Arkansas Lipitor attorney notes a study that suggests that drugs known as statins, designed to lower cholesterol, can leave patients with intensely painful muscle aches. Affected patients […]

A Wrecked Car | Arkansas Car Accident Lawyer

Wrong-Way Driver Kills Two in Head-On Collision

An Arkansas car accident lawyer notes that two people were killed when a wrong-way driver collided head-on with another vehicle on I-430. The two cars immediately caught fire […]

Injured Construction Worker | Arkansas Construction Injury Lawyer

Officials Probe Fatal Construction Site Accident

An Arkansas construction injury lawyer notes that the death of a crane operator is being investigated after his body was found at a construction site. The worker, who […]

A Worried Looking Man | Arkansas Testosterone Lawyer

Lawsuits: Low-T Drugs Linked to Serious Health Risks

An Arkansas testosterone lawyer notes that hundreds of lawsuits are alleging a link between testosterone therapy drugs and blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. Affected men and their […]

Bag of Blood | Arkansas Xarelto Lawyer

Lawsuit: Xarelto Drug Maker Failed To Produce A Safe Drug

An Arkansas Xarelto lawyer notes a lawsuit that alleges a man suffered physical complications and financial losses because of the blood thinner. Patients who suffered uncontrollable bleeding and […]

Crying Newborn Baby | Arkansas Zofran Attorney

Lawsuit Alleges Zofran Maker to Blame For Birth Defects

An Arkansas Zofran attorney notes a lawsuit filed by a mother who claims that the anti-nausea drug caused her child’s birth defects. The woman, who took Zofran to […]