Environmental Attorney Notes: Sisters Research Potential Cancer Pattern in Little Rock

Environmental AttorneyAn Arkansas environmental attorney notes a recent effort made by two sisters to expose possible intentional water contamination in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Sisters Lisa McAteer and Christine Keene believe that contamination in their Arkansas childhood neighborhood is responsible for the cancers that claimed the lives of their parents and several neighbors.

The neighborhood was built near the North Little Rock landfill. Research done by the sisters has reportedly turned up permits, violations, and fines related to the landfill. The documentation included paperwork from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality that reportedly claims testing done for Leachate was contaminated by landfill runoff. That runoff allegedly drained into the neighborhood creek and into the Indian Hills Lakes.

The linking factor of illness is the many cases of cancer that have occurred in former residents of the neighborhood. The sisters have found 9 different cases of pancreatic cancer alone in the area, a number that is high and unexpected for the limited area without some unifying catalyst.

The Far-Reaching Effect Of Contamination

Circumstances like the ones in North Little Rock are not a minor or isolated incident. Landfills can be improperly covered, waste disposals can be rezoned, or spills can occur. This type of problem does not always have immediate negative affects. The effects can be felt years down the road, by the people that were in close proximity to them, through severe health problems. The environmental effects are a severe problem of their own.

Legal representation becomes important for these types of cases due to the massive amount of red tape that often encompasses any such operation. An environmental attorney knows the routes that need to be explored to gather the proper evidence in support of legal action. For the former residents of this neighborhood, an environmental attorney or personal injury attorney could be the method they employ to reach out for justice and damages. Contacting Attorney Group for Arkansas can be the first step toward understanding one’s legal rights in a situation such as this.

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