GM Recall Update for Arkansas

Arkansas-GM Recall UpdateGeneral Motors (GM) media coverage grown recently due to their increasing number of vehicle recalls. Millions of people have been impacted by the GM recall entailing an allegedly defective ignition switch. Government entities like the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) continue to report risks associated with the use of GM cars containing defective parts. The NHTSA believes that additional deaths may be linked to GM’s ignition switch beyond the 13 deaths reported so far. In addition, research now indicates that 47 frontal impact crashes may stem from the failed ignition switch. Before this figure, research indicated that 32 frontal impact crashes stemmed from the defective ignition switches.

GM Recall News

USA Today has recently reported that General Motors has failed to recall cars that feature similar ignition switches to those that have already been recalled. GM has not publicly stated why certain vehicles with identical ignition switches have not yet been recalled. According to the GM recall reports, when the ignition switch is bumped or pulled down by a keychain’s weight, it can cause the car to suddenly shut off. A driver’s car may suddenly turn off on the highway or other high-speed areas. As a result, the airbags, power steering and power brakes can stop working. The driver may become involved in a serious car crash and have no form of control or protection. Numerous lawsuits have already been filed against GM. In one case, a teenage girl was unable to control her defective vehicle and instantly died after crashing into an 18-wheeler truck.

Arkansas drivers with GM vehicles should be aware of whether a GM recall may impact their cars. In recent news, the NHTSA has imposed its harshest fine of $35 million on GM. The NHTSA has initiated the fine due to GM’s delay in recalling the defective vehicles when it allegedly already knew that they contained faulty parts.

Arkansas drivers who have been injured due to faulty parts listed under the GM recall may want to consider seeking legal counsel to learn more about the options they have. The Arkansas Attorney Injury Group can help those injured understand the options available to them, as well as help someone understand their legal rights in their unique situation.

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