California Car Wreck Causes Four Deaths; Results in Felony Criminal Charges

California Car Wreck Kills 4Last week, the Fresno County District Attorney’s office filed four counts of vehicular manslaughter against a California man in connection with a fatal car wreck that cost four people their lives.

California Car Wreck Defendant Could Face More Charges

Media accounts note that Fresno County California Chief Deputy District Attorney Gregory Anderson announced the possibility of additional charges against the 43-year-old defendant in this case.  Anderson reportedly broadcast those tentative plans by public announcement on June 25, 2014.

Authorities further revealed that the motorist accused of causing this recent car wreck that resulted in four deaths has three prior convictions for drunken driving.

Details of Car Wreck That Killed 4 California Residents

According to authorities, the fatal auto accident occurred when the defendant attempted to pass a slow-moving vehicle while driving drunk.  Consequently, he swerved and collided head-on with a Kia compact instead.

The Kia’s 25-year-old female driver and her two nephews who were ages 7 and 10 died instantly.  Likewise, a 37-year-old male passenger from Sacramento riding in the defendant’s SUV was also killed in the car wreck.

Attorney Group for California Seeks to Help Car Wreck Victims

No matter how lengthy the prison time or high the fine imposed on those convicted of crimes that cause wrongful death, the deceased victims’ bereaved loved ones are typically left to deal with devastating financial consequences.

Permanent loss of primary breadwinner’s income; exorbitant medical bills; funeral expenses, and severe emotional distress are some of the burdens a family may have to bear.  That is why, if a loved one is killed in an accident possibly at the fault or negligence of another, families will often retain legal counsel in order to seek compensation.

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