ER Doctor Among Dead in Small Plane Crashes

Small plane crashesInvestigators have arrived at various locations following recent small plane crashes across the country. The exact cause or causes of the small plane crashes have yet to be determined.

ER Doctor Dies in California Crash

On Friday, Nov. 21, the chief emergency room physician at Jerold Phelps Community Hospital died in a one of the small plane crashes in Humboldt County. The doctor regularly flew into Garberville in order to report for work at the hospital. A witness account suggested that the plane’s engines stopped operating before the aircraft hit a tall fir tree. One wing was reportedly clipped off, and the plane subsequently crashed into the Eel River’s South Fork. The physician had been involved with the Sheriff’s Air Squadron, and he was a national champion skydiver. The Federal Aviation Administration was conducting an investigation into the fatal event.

Crash at Las Cruces Airport

On Nov. 24, a single-passenger aircraft crashed at the Las Cruces International airport. It was piloted by a 29-year-old owner of an aviation company, and the grandson of a former El Paso, Texas, mayor. He did not survive the crash, and National Transportation Safety Board investigators were set to begin their investigation. This was one of two recent small plane crashes in the area. In August, another crash at the same airport involved an air ambulance. Four people died, and the NTSB report asserted that a technician had loaded the aircraft with the wrong fuel. Wrongful death lawsuits were subsequently filed against Southwest Aviation, the fixed-base operator at airport.

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