Colorado Januvia Lawsuit


Januvia was approved in October 2006 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. According to Merck & Co., the manufacturer, Januvia stimulates insulin production in the pancreas so that type 2 diabetes patients can better handle their blood sugar levels. However, while many Januvia patients reported success with the medication, others have allegedly developed pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer as a result of the drug. Contact Attorney Group for Colorado to learn more about filing a Colorado Januvia lawsuit if you believe that your pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer is a result of the medication.

What is Januvia?

Januvia and other incretin mimetics function by stimulating the cells in the pancreas to increase insulin production. However, recent research has suggested that Januvia may prevent the body from fighting off cancerous cells, thus increasing the risk that Januvia patients will develop pancreatic cancer and other pancreas-related conditions. A Januvia lawsuit attorney may be able to file a Colorado Januvia lawsuit on your behalf if you received a pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer diagnosis while taking Januvia for your type 2 diabetes.

Patients have also reported common side effects such as stomach pain, sinus problems, sore throat, nausea, and constipation. Other possible adverse effects include shortness of breath, body or facial swelling, allergic reactions, problems urinating, and rapid weight gain.

Merck Named as a Defendant

As a result of Januvia’s alleged side-effects, many patients have begun to pursue claims against Merck to recover damages for their injuries. According to plaintiffs, Merck failed to adequately test the safety and efficacy of Januvia. As a result, Merck allegedly placed thousands of patients at risk for life-threatening complications.

On March 13, 2014, an update issued by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation announced that 320 Januvia lawsuits had been consolidated in the Southern District of California. Two months later, that number had increased to 414 Januvia lawsuits.

FDA Announces Investigation into Januvia

After the FDA reportedly received thousands of adverse event reports from Januvia patients, it announced that it would be launching an investigation into incretin mimetics like Januvia to determine whether this class of medications increased patients’ risks of developing cancer. While this additional research is a step in the right direction, it does little to help the thousands of patients who have already taken Januvia and allegedly experienced complications. If you believe you are eligible to file a Colorado Januvia lawsuit, contact Attorney Group for Colorado today.

Learn More about Filing a Colorado Januvia Lawsuit

If you or a loved one took Januvia to help control type 2 diabetes and suffered from side effects that you feel were caused by the drug, call Attorney Group for Colorado today. We can help you determine whether you have a case in a free, no-obligation consultation. If you have a case, Attorney Group for Colorado can connect you with one of our affiliated attorneys who can file a Colorado Januvia lawsuit on your behalf and help you to recover the damages to which you may be entitled.