GMO Corn: Colorado Syngenta Lawsuit

The Swiss-based seed company Syngenta is facing a growing number of lawsuits from corn farmers who say that the company intentionally misled them about China’s willingness to accept the company’s GMO corn seed.

Colorado GMO corn

Syngenta has denied that allegation. Its officials have said China’s zero-tolerance ban on MIR162 is not their fault, and that Syngenta Viptera – made from GMO MIR162, was something well-known to farmers when they planted the seeds. But farmers said that company officials told them acceptance was just around the corner. Not only that, but China began to ban all corn, not just MIR162 because it was co-mingled with non-GMO corn during shipment.

The alleged impropriety has reportedly cost farmers more than $1 billion in sales. China, which had been the third-largest importer of American corn, now won’t accept it at all.

About the Colorado Syngenta Lawsuit

A lawsuit such as the Colorado Syngenta lawsuit has been filed in 11 different states on behalf of farmers who have been affected by the loss of China’s corn consumption.

The genetically modified corn first was turned down by Chinese regulators in November 2013, causing the price of a bushel of corn to plunge by 11 cents and damaging its chances of sale in the international market. Just six months later, the Chinese officials turned down more than 1.45 million metric tons of corn.

Syngenta stated that it has complied with all the necessary functions related to the specific countries in which the product is sold. It also indicated that at no time did they mislead anyone during the process of approval, despite the growing number of farmers who have filed lawsuits, such as the Colorado Syngenta lawsuit.

Despite what was poised to be the biggest corn crop in United States history, a drop of 18 percent in corn futures was reported in October 2014, marking the second straight year that has happened. In 2013, commodity prices in this category fell by 40 percent.

Do You Grow Corn in Colorado? You May Be Eligible to File a Colorado Syngenta Lawsuit

You don’t need to have purchased Syngenta’s Viptera seed to have a financial loss as a result of the company’s alleged negligence. Because of cross-pollination, volunteering and co-mingling during shipment, China has found the MIR162 GMO corn even among non-GMO corn shipments. This is what has led to the complete ban on U.S. corn, and the loss in profits for you.

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