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A Colorado Xarelto lawsuit may be an option for people who suffered severe bleeding events after taking the medication to prevent blood clots. The blood thinning medication Xarelto, made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Healthcare, has been alleged in lawsuits to cause severe internal bleeding and other complications. Xarelto attorneys in Colorado and other states allege that Xarelto is a dangerous drug, and that its makers failed to disclose risks associated with its use.

If you or a loved one took Xarelto and suffered from internal bleeding or other complications, contact Attorney Group for Colorado today to learn more about your options in a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. We can answer your questions, and if you decide to pursue a claim, we can connect you with an affiliated Colorado Xarelto lawsuit attorney.

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What is Xarelto?

Xarelto was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011, and was designed to be a blood-thinning agent that helps prevent dangerous blood clots. It is approved for use in patients who have had knee or hip replacement surgery, as well as patients suffering from atrial fibrillation.

How Does Xarelto Work?

Xarelto acts as a blood thinner to help keep blockages from forming in the blood vessels and around the heart and lungs. This helps to generate optimal blood flow throughout the body, reducing the risk of swelling and the formation of blood clots. While clots will form naturally in response to injury, anticoagulation medications like Xarelto are intended to help prevent potentially life-threatening blood clots.

Risks Posed by Blood Clots

Should a blood clot form, it can be transported through the blood stream to many places in the body. At some point, it may cause a blockage that can prevent the oxygen-rich blood flowing from the heart to reach these areas, leading to tissue damage. In some cases, a clot can block blood flow to the brain or lungs, or even re-enter the heart. When this happens, the results can be fatal, and while Xarelto was designed to prevent this, many patients claim that the drug causes other life-threatening complications.

What are the Risks of Xarelto?

Injuries and complications that patients claim Xarelto can cause include:

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Cerebrovascular complications, including stroke
  • Significant reductions in hemoglobin

As of July 2015, 183 deaths and more than 2,000 injury reports have been linked to Xarelto. Patients who have suffered severe side effects after taking Xarelto are encouraged to seek the counsel of a Colorado Xarelto lawyer to learn more about their legal rights.

Why a Colorado Xarelto Lawsuit?

Many patients who claim to have been injured by Xarelto, as well as family members of patients who died after taking the drug have filed Xarelto lawsuits that allege:

  • That Xarelto can cause fatal internal bleeding
  • That the drug makers failed to conduct adequate clinical trials on humans before marketing Xarelto; and
  • That they failed to disclose the potentially fatal risks of Xarelto to the public

Other Xarelto Side Effects

Xarelto has been known to produce common side effects in patients, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Bruising

How a Denver, CO Xarelto Lawsuit Can Help

Drug makers can be held liable for injuries to patients if they fail to fulfill their duty to provide safe drugs and warn of potential risks that could result in harm to patients. Those who are injured by Xarelto may be entitled to compensation for a number of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses, past and future
  • The extent of the injury
  • Loss of income or ability to work
  • Pain and suffering

If a patient is killed after suffering complications from Xarelto, that patient’s family members may be able to pursue wrongful death claims. Compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one can include:

  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish from the loss of a loved one
  • Loss of companionship or financial support
  • Medical expenses attributable to a fatal injury
The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.Get Help Now.

If you or a loved one suffered complications after taking Xarelto, contact Attorney Group for Colorado for more information. When you contact us, an attorney will follow up with you to speak with you about your case or answer questions that you might have. There is no cost or obligation to speak with us, and any information you provide will be kept confidential.

Please note that the law limits the time you have to pursue a claim for an injury. If you think you have a case, you should not delay taking action.

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