Colorado Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuit


In 2008, sales of the Zimmer Durom Cup were temporarily suspended after the device had only been on the market for two years. According to several Zimmer Durom Cup recipients, the implant was prone to a higher-than-anticipated number of complications as well as early device failure. Many patients across the U.S. have reported pain, limited mobility, and infections. Some patients required expensive surgeries to remove or replace the device, raising their medical costs and lengthening recovery time. If you feel your Zimmer Durom Cup has adversely affected you, consider filing a Colorado Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit to seek compensation for your condition.

Zimmer Durom Cup Overview

The first physician to inform the medical community of the possible risks associated with the Zimmer Durom Cup was an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles. According to reports, he began receiving adverse event reports in 2008 from patients he had fitted with the devices. The patients were now complaining of complications such as early device failure. While Zimmer initially was reported to have disregarded these complaints, the company made the decision in May 2008 to investigate.

Zimmer found that both the technology of the Durom Cup and the design of the cup itself called for a more precise surgical implantation procedure than what physicians had originally been instructed to use. Additionally, the manufacturer concluded that surgeons who would be implanting the Durom Cup should undergo additional training to reduce the risk of side effects and complications.

However, in July 2008, Zimmer voluntarily suspended sales of the Durom Cup even though it had not yet found the product to be defective. Subsequently, Zimmer reintroduced the Durom Cup and attempted to provide clearer implantation instructions for physicians. Recipients may still be eligible to file a Colorado Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit if they believe that the device was the cause of their injuries or complications.

Complications and Risks of the Zimmer Durom Cup

Many recipients fitted with the Zimmer Durom Cup required additional procedures and surgeries to repair or replace the device after it failed earlier than anticipated. Patients may consider filing a Colorado Zimmer Durom Cup lawsuit to seek compensation for unexpected expenses. Zimmer has reportedly set aside millions of dollars to be used in settlements for victims who allegedly suffered as a result of the implant.

Additionally, Zimmer announced in April 2014 that it would be purchasing Biomet, another medical device company, for $13.35 billion. If successful, this acquisition would position Zimmer as the second largest orthopedic device manufacturer in the world, falling just behind Johnson & Johnson.

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